Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Bryan Scott Hurst

Columbus Division of Police, Ohio

End of Watch Thursday, January 6, 2005

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Reflections for Police Officer Bryan Scott Hurst

I often come to the ODMP site to read the reflections of my friends that I lost while I was a Norfolk Cop. Somehow, I ran across Officer Hurst's memorial and I am always touched by the reflections left for him and the strength his wife has to stand up for what is right for HER and not the "system." How ironic that in Norfolk, the recruit who graduates with the best grades & dedication wins an award named after an officer we lost, Kit Hurst. He died working next to my father many years ago. Columbus and the Hurst family are lucky to have known such a hero as Bryan Hurst. It seems that each day the dirtbags on the street have less & less respect for the men and women in uniform. Although many miles are between Norfolk and Columbus, I admire your department, friends and family for keeping your honor and funny stories alive. My son chose you to write about a true "HERO" for his 8th grade project. Know that many students pray for the family and co-workers left behind and have a new respect for police officers. If you are ever in the Tidewater area we would love to have you meet the students who studied what it means to be a "hero"- and that means not only Officer Hurst, but his wife that is left behind to try to lead a "normal" life.

Former Norfolk, VA POII
Norfolk, VA, City Police

June 23, 2006

I went by Grant last night to check on the Deputy US Marshal who was shot in the arm from yesterday. all those guys were so professional and (behind the scenes) very supportive during the trial. almost immediately they recognized me and were in great spirits..We all talked about you watching over him from above, it was kinda weird, it happened just a mile or so from the bank on 14 prect... Keep us safe brother...miss you...

Officer Jim Gilbert
Columbus PD

June 23, 2006

Hey brotha', Wanted to wish you a happy belated fathers day. Also to tell you to look out for all of us this summer. It is absolutely off the hook and hopefully we'll combat some of it. I'm on a summer task force to try and deter some violent crimes. We're getting about 2 guns a day from our unit. I've told you before and I'll say it again, every arrest I make I think of you. I look up at that button in my cruiser with your picture in it and say "That's for you man!!" Of all the guns I've ever recovered, there's 2 I didnt get and they killed my friends. Every time I turn one in I think of another officer who's life I saved. Could be mine, my brother's, my friends or an unknown officer. Regardless, it's one less funeral I'm attending, one less family ruined and one more child who gets to see their father.

RIP Brotha', we'll get it from here!!


June 20, 2006

Happy Father's Day Bryan

June 18, 2006


It's late and I'm still up. Tomorrow is Father's Day. You never got to celebrate a single one with Malia and it isn't fair. She is a very, very, very loved little girl and has wonderful people in her life....but still, it is so hard. About two weeks ago, I was looking at books at Target. They had a Fathers Day book display and I saw a book titled "Why Every Daughter Needs a Father." I cried at Target - it was so bad.

In many ways, I feel grateful that Malia was only 5 months old when you were taken from us. I feel that way because she really has no sense of loss right now. She isn't mourning the loss of her father the way that an older and more aware child would. However, in another way, I feel that she was deprived of getting to know you at all. It's a struggle to decide which would be less harmful in the long run.

I'm going to show her some different photos of you tomorrow. I'm not planning to take her to the cemetery, I'm sure much to the dismay of some. I just don't think toddlers belong hanging out at cemeteries, knowing their daddies as only headstones. It's creepy and wrong, because you aren't even there, just your body and not your spirit. Malia instead needs to see photos, videos, and hear stories about her daddy and what an awesome man he was.

Bryan, I have to tell you that I am SO TIRED of all things sad and depressing. A huge weight has been lifted now that DC and all of the major memorial events have passed. Constantly focusing on death is so emotionally exhausting that I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Going to DC and meeting with other survivors was cool. Hearing the stories of what happened to the other families was awful and made me realize that it could be much, much worse for us. The piece of sh*t who killed you was caught and will eventually be executed, so it gives us a small piece of closure. So many other surviving police families don't have that luxury...I learned that there are many police killings unsolved, and even worse, convicted killers who received pathetic sentences. Anyways, I am glad it is over. Life feels good now and most importantly, it is OKAY to feel good.

Malia is having a great summer. We joined a pool and she loves to splash around the baby pool and play with the pool toys. It is very cool being able to relax during the summer instead of putting on a vest and gunbelt and sweating my butt off. She and I are doing all kinds of fun stuff. She is taking a toddler gymnastics class and I'm trying to find a stable that gives riding lessons with ponies. She is a pony fanatic. Felony has been slowly destroying her stuffed rocking horse and finally gutted the whole thing today and Malia cried. One week, he ate the tail, then the mane...then finally pulled out the stuffing today. I guarantee you would have sent him to the pound by now if you were here :) That dog has been the biggest pain in the butt this weekend, but that is another story. He is laying next to the bed right now, snoring so loud that I can't hear the TV.

There are so many things that remind me of you lately. Lots of little things remind me of things you used to do and say. I found a CD that I had burned a few years ago. You used to get mad because I would burn a bunch and forget to label them, so you wrote 'MARISSA'S MUSIC' in black marker on this CD. It was weird seeing your's been a long time since I've seen it. I laughed though, because 'MARISSA'S MUSIC' didn't tell me damn thing about what songs were on the CD. All you cared about was that it definitely wasn't something you'd listen to, so you labeled it accordingly.

There are so many things of yours that I just can't bring myself to get rid of. Not the obvious stuff, like your K9 trophies and Marine Corps treasured stuff, but the small and insignificant things instead. I can't seem to get rid of the Cleveland Browns sweatpants that you always wore, that had huge holes in both pockets. I think you liked them so you could scratch yourself....umm...discreetly. What was funniest though is that the biggest Steelers fan was wearing Browns sweats.

Well, it's almost 1 a.m. and Miss Malia will be waking me bright and early. We love you and miss you Bryan.



June 17, 2006


Happy Father's Day!!!!

June 17, 2006

I can't help but to think of you as we approach what you were truly all about, being the best dad. Hope you have a Happy Father's Day up there looking down on not so little Malia.

June 16, 2006

I was just thinking about you today so I thought I'd leave a note.

June 13, 2006

I wanted to make it to D.C. this year more than last year but I could'nt. I feel kinda guilty that I didn't just wait till 2006 to go. Even though I didn't know you personally, I felt the inportance of going to hear your name read, seeing your name on the wall and looking at pictures of you. I'm really sorry I could'nt make it. But please know that I really wanted to. I know what a great guy you are and I know so many others went. I just feel really bad. I think about what happened to you all the time. I dunno why it had to. I tend to believe everything happens for a reason. But, I just dunno. There is no reason in my mind why you had to go and not someone else, ya know?

June 3, 2006

We are thinking of you as we take time to celebrate all of the Heros of our great country!

Rest in Peace Dear Friend

a friend

May 26, 2006

We met your family at the Capitol on May 15, 2006. Your family and ours share so many things. We were sitting in front of little Cole who was behaving like such a big boy for the entire event. Your mother-in-law was sitting next to my mom, who is the mother-in-law of the fallen officer in our family. My sister comes from a family of three girls, and my sister was pregnant with little Cody when our brother-in-law was murdered during a bank robbery. We share so many similiar fates and are now all part of the large family of fallen officers. We learned all about little Melia and how she blows kisses to your picture. Our little Cody will gentley touch his fathers picture when you ask him, 'Where's Daddy?" I hope you and my brother-in-law, Larry are in heaven together sharing a beer and watching over us all. My heart goes out to your family as I know all too well the pain they feel. It sounds like your family is doing a wonderful job teaching little Melia all about her hero Daddy. Maybe someday Melia and Cody will be able to get together and share stories about what hero's their Daddy's are.

sister-in-law, Larry Lasater

May 25, 2006

My life is forever changed after attending the services at the National Law Enforcement Memorial. So many came to honor you, Bryan. Seeing your cruiser decorated in front of the memorial brought back vivid memories of your cruiser parked in your driveway on your stops home from work. I remember you turning the flashing lights and siren on to show Malia and how fascinated she was with everything. What a respectful gesture that was to have your cruiser as part of the honorarium! I took about 100 photos of the many events honoring fallen officers, and will share these with Malia when she is older. The collages Marissa made for you on "the wall" were very touching. The candlelight vigil was especially moving. We all stood together when your name was announced honoring the ultimate sacrifice you made that fateful day at the bank. I was so impressed with the amount of empathy and sensitivity displayed by everyone attending the events. The service on the Capital lawn was amazing. Seeing all the honor guards and bag pipers from all over the United States certainly reflected the magnitude of this event. I cried the first time I saw your name engraved on the memorial wall. I read all the written honorariums beside your name, looked at all the photos of you at your wedding, with little Malia, with your friends, and with Marissa. I closed my eyes and reflected on the details of each photo (and you know I took many of those pictures!) and remembered what happy times they were. If I would have only known your time with us would have been so short, I would have taken so many, many more pictures. I carry a picture of you in my car and ask that you continue to watch over me, and all your family/friends. You will always remain in my heart, and I will forever cherish the wonderful times I spent with you.

Sherri A. Marzick

May 23, 2006


The last couple of days at the bank have been so hard for me. Today I working and a police officer was in the lobby. When I was helping him I noticed that his badge was 2 digits from yours. I told him that 2057 saved my life. The officer mentioned that you were his friend and he was in class with you. When he told me that It took all that I had not to break down. I felt my face getting red and I could hardly say that "thank you" I knew he could tell that I was upset. I tried so hard not to get upset. It would have been easier not to mention your name, but I want people to know that you saved my life and many others. Thanks again Bryan and all police offiers.


May 22, 2006

R.I.P. Officer Hurst you are not forgotten.

El Paso County Sheriff

May 20, 2006

Bryan, Im so glad to read what an inpact you have had on so many people. You have been honored this last 16 months in several ways, but you'll always be a hero to your family, friends and those at the bank that day! I find peace in some weird way by just reading the things people write each day to you, and to see that so many have you in their thoughts each day.
The memories you left behind will forever touch us all. Im so proud to talk about you to my friends and tell them what a hero you are. As I end each day by reading this page, I pray you will watch over us another day and look forward to reading more stories about you. Keep us safe. I Love You.


May 19, 2006


Seeing your name on the wall in DC reminded me that this is all so real. A co-worker is not here anymore. A person I spoke with just an hour before is gone. A hero was taken from us. I am still so proud of what you did for all of those people you saved. God Bless you and continue to watch over us all.

Officer Robert Sagle #2254
Columbus Ohio Division of Police

May 19, 2006

i never got to meet you an i heard you where a great guy, keep watching over your fellow officers, an to your family just keep holding on strong.

fellow officer's daughter

May 17, 2006

Thinking of you today as our Nation honors those who made the ultimate sacrafice. God Bless you Brother, your amongst great company! Gone, but never forgotten...

Officer Eric H. Brill (Retired)
Whitehall Division of Police

May 15, 2006


I never had the honor to meet you when your presence on this earth was physical. However, you will always be present as your spiritual self, watching over your fellow officers, family, and friends just as you did when your presence in this world was tangible. I believe in my faith that although Marissa and Malia cannot actually see you that you are very much among us and close to them at all times.

You now stand by those that have passed before us and almighty God in heaven. You are free from any pain or suffering and the choices you made in life told by those that were the closest to you leave me no doubt that you are in a place that no human being can even possibly fathom. Though I did not know you personally, I wept like Niagra Falls at your funeral. I also laughed when Sgt. Oliverio shared some light hearted experiences in your purposeful life full of significance and importance.

Unfortunately our lives on this earth are short and as human beings, we have only a limited time to accomplish our goals. During this brief time period, we experience a roller coaster of emotions. There are good times and bad times. We are sometimes pushed to our breaking points and at other times we are flying high as kites. We don't know why at the time but somehow these challenges make us stronger better people. I have thought why does God allow bad things to happen to good people? I don't know why our brother Bryan was taken from us so early in his life but what I do know is that every time something tragic has ever happened to someone good and those affected remain strong turning their anger and frustration into something productive, something bad is turned into something good. Life is a constant battle between good vs. evil and when something so terrible happens such as Bryan's murder, if together we can make something positive out of it (coming together as a society in support of our fallen hero or police officers donating their personal time to take care of those left behind by Bryan), then good reigns triumphant.

And as for what I said in the beginning about not having the honor to meet Bryan when his presence on this earth was physical. After reading the many detailed reflections left by those that love Bryan very much and miss him deeply, I feel like I have known Bryan for years. Thanks Bryan for leaving behind a great legacy, one in which you can be proud of, your family and friends can be proud of, and one in which we can all learn from.

Columbus Division of Police

May 14, 2006

I'll be one of many from your recruit class in DC paying honor to you.. My Dad has never been to the Memorial and after serving 28 years as a police officer with Cincinnati PD he's going with me this year!!! Keep us safe as we travel to honor you and the many others from 2005...

Officer Jim Gilbert

May 13, 2006


Everyone has been going crazy this year waiting to get to DC. Issac and I counted the other night, and we think there are about 80 of us going this year. As excited as we all are to get there, it's going to be hard to get through the weekend. I found your panel on the wall.....46-W:25.....we will see you there tomorrow night Brother. Always Honored and Never Forgotten!!


Ofc. Jim Parsons #717
Columbus Division of Police

May 12, 2006


I will be in DC this weekend honor your sacrafice you made that fateful day. I can't believe this much time has past because it seems like just yesterday I was talking to you. You are deeply missed by myself and all the officers on 2 precinct. I tap your picture that hangs in the sub everyday before I hit the street. This gives me the comfort that you will watch over us as we finish your work out here. Bryan you were a great friend and co-worker and you will be remembered and missed forever. Rest easy!!


Kareem Kashmiry
Columbus Police Dept

May 11, 2006


I'm starting to believe that there are no such thing as coincidences. Everything happens for a purpose. Today, I received a wonderful greeting card in the mail, with a message that "...Although time has passed, you need to know that many have not forgotten the sacrifice your family has made....Please realize that there are many people who appreciate what officers do each day and pray daily for their strength and perseverence." I have no idea who sent it, as it was only signed "Those who are protected by CPD." This couldn't have come at a better time, because it has been really hard lately. It seems weird that rough times come 17 months later, but it is what it is. The concept of delayed grief is real. For me, the best coping strategy so far had been avoidance. No looking at old pictures, no listening to sad songs, no watching wedding videos, no reading old cards you gave me, no therapy/counseling, etc. Just avoidance. Act like everything is okay and it will be. While that managed to work over the past year and a half, it isn't working anymore. Panic is setting in because DC is this weekend and death is thrown back in my face. All of the events in DC make it impossible for me to do the avoidance thing - the Blue Light, the seminars with other survivors, looking at all of the collages of lives lost on the Memorial Wall, watching other people suffer, cry and grieve. Little things have been sending me into tears lately. Krissy gave the most courageous speech I've ever heard, last week at the OPOTA Memorial. She put her soul out there for everyone and told the audience what it is really like to lose your husband to violent crime. I found myself struggling to hold back the tears. Then, over the weekend, I was buying flowers for Mother's Day. The flowers were by the greeting cards, and of course, the Father's Day cards are already out. You never got to celebrate a single Father's Day with Malia. Not one. I starting thinking about it, right there at Giant Eagle, and I got lightheaded and dizzy. It just isn't fair, and I hate to question God's plan, but is so difficult to make sense of this.

I have developed this intense fear of those that I love being hurt or killed. I am like a maniac now with seatbelts, turn signals, not talking on cell phones while driving, driving too fast, riding motorcycles without helmets, going anywhere unarmed...especially banks. I am probably annoying the hell out of my friends with this stuff, but I can't help it. It's hard to explain to others why I just need them to be as safe as possible. Everything is different now; this event has been so completely has toned me down so much. You used to make fun of me for only listening to rap and hip-hop; you'd make fun of the songs and say they were all about drugs, murder, doing prison time, hating the police, etc. I never gave much thought to the lyrics back then, just liked the music. Now most of that stuff makes me nauseous. I equate it all with the P.O.S. who did this to you and all the other wastes of space in prison. Sometimes I have to laugh at myself when I'm in the car and I catch myself jamming to Sunny 95....i.e. the 'easy listening' channel that used to make me gag. Maybe I'm just getting old :)

Watch over us Bryan.



May 9, 2006

Sorry I didnt get a chance to make it to OPOTA for their State Ceremony. However, I will catch up with you in DC. I'm curious as to where they'll place you. Whether they'll have you near other CPD brothers and sisters. Regardless, as they place you on the wall and the lions look over you. It's only fitting to state the infamous words enscribed along the pathway. Words that your cowardly killer learned first hand.


Rest in peace brother, we got it from here.


May 8, 2006

My name is Bill Styskal and I represent the officers of the Police Unity Tour that will be riding our bikes to DC on Tuesday May 9th to honor our fallen hero's. I'm an officer with the West Caldwell Police Department in New Jersey just 20 miles outside of New York City. This year I will be riding with over 400 other officers to honor our brothers and sisters who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I will have the honor to ride for Bryan this year. I have spoken to Bryan's friend and partner, Don Oliverio who speaks so highly of Bryan. I'm looking forward to meeting with Bryan's friends and family in DC and am honored to be able to present them with a memorial bracelet that I will be wearing on my ride to DC. I look forward to seeing you all on the 12th. God Bless you all for your dedicated commitment to law enforcement and to Bryan.

Ptl. William B. Styskal
West Caldwell Police, New Jersey Police Unity Tour

May 6, 2006

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