Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Jason Alan Wolfe

Phoenix Police Department, Arizona

End of Watch Saturday, August 28, 2004

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Reflections for Police Officer Jason Alan Wolfe

Dearest -J-
Another Saturday night, another full moon. Just wanted to tell you once again that you are so loved and missed by all of us here. Thank you for always being an incredible son and soul mate to me. Hold the light, I love you.

L. McMinn-Stein

September 18, 2005

Dearest -J-
Another Saturday night, another full moon. Just wanted to tell you once again that you are so loved and missed by all of us here. Thank you for always being an incredible son and soul mate to me. Hold the light, I love you.

L. McMinn-Stein

September 18, 2005


This weekend was the B. Wayne Scott Memorial ride to Flagstaff. This is the first year that additional fallen officers were honored and I participated in your honor and memory. It was nice to see some of our old friends and meet some new ones as well. You would have been amazed at all the motorcycles that were there. There was atleast 100 bikes. Of course, we had our own group of sportbikes there honoring you!! A guy was riding an R1 and it reminded me of how much you loved that bike and wanted a new one so much...I have your race photos proudly displayed and won't forget all the fun our son and I had watching Daddy race.

You are always with us. We love you and miss you honey!

Your wife and son

T Wolfe

September 11, 2005

What a most difficult weekend this was, I know how hard it was for me, but couldn't imagine how hard it was for Tara and your family- you are missed so much. I look at you picture and think- What I would give to see your smile again, to have you tell just one more story, to leave one more report. Continue to watch over us and guide us.


August 31, 2005

To everyone that has supported Jason and our family:

Thank you so much for the assistance you have given our family this past year. We never thought that this could happen to anyone, let alone our family. Please know that it has been a long difficult year but we have been blessed with our friends and family.

Please continue to honor my husband, Jason, and know what a true HERO he was every day. We are thankful for the times we were able to share with him.

Thank you does not seem like enough for everyone from us, but, it is truly from the bottom of our hearts.

T Wolfe

T Wolfe

August 29, 2005

Officer Wolfe....1 year ago yesterday you paid the ultimate sacrifice protecting the citizens of - your family - friends & co-workers are in my thoughts & prayers....please continue to watch over them & your fellow brothers/sisters in blue....YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN....REST IN PEACE & WITH EASE BLUE ANGEL!!!!

girlfriend of a leo

August 29, 2005

At the beginning of every shift I supervise, myself and the other officers on shift dedicate the day to the memory of a fallen officer.

Tonight, August 28, 2005 we dedicated the shift to the memory of Police Officer Jason Alan Wolfe and Police Officer Eric James White who died in the line of duty on this date one year ago.

When one law enforcement officer falls, we all stumble for a while, but we will carry on.

Officer Wolfe's and Officer White's sacrifice will never be forgotten.

Sgt. Paul Bissonnette
Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Surrey, BC

August 29, 2005

May God continue to bless your family , friends and department. Thank you for serving our nation.

Patrol Officer
Chesterfield County Police Dept., Va.

August 28, 2005

Jason, myself and other's were with Tara this morning at the memorial service. You are always in her heart, and we support her with open arms, ensuring that she and your son are loved and supported. They miss you and honor you daily. We will be there for them, with respect and dignity as I know that is what you would of wanted for them in your passing.

Take care, and know we are keeping watch down here.


August 28, 2005

I can't believe it's been a year since your death. I was watching the video footage a couple of days ago on Officer White's rememberance from his wife on TV and made me think about what happened that night, what I should be doing when I put my uniform and my badge on every day I go to work. I went by your grave today just to say hi and thank you for all you have done. I think you really set the bar on what it means to become a law enforcement officer and a exceptional one at that and for that I thank you for that.

Ofc.Francis Lipska

August 28, 2005

I was watching the news in Arizona this morning and they showed the memorial that was held for you and Officer Wolfe. I think it is wonderful and such an honor that the communtiy continues to show their respect and support for two fine officers that lost their lives in the line of duty. I just moved here from St. Louis, Missouri and I will always be a strong supporter to all of our police officers in the United States. I lost one of my close friends at the beginning of 2004. He was doing his job protecting the steets of St. Louis when his life was taken at the age of 24. He has a son that was only 13 months-old at the time of his death. My heart aches for your kids, wife, family, friends, and other officers. I wish there were something I could say to make the pain seem a little easier, but there isn't. I just want your family and friends to know that I will keep you all in my thoughts and hope they can find peace sometime during this long journey.

Friend of Nick Sloan
EOW 1/30/04

Friend of Nick Sloan EOW 1/30/04

August 28, 2005

We are all thinking of you today Jason ... We hope you are watching over us... We think about you always...

Former Phoenix PD Employee

August 28, 2005



August 28, 2005

To the Wife, Son, Parents, Family and Co-Workers of Officer Wolfe:
We remember today the sacrifice he gave -- his life.
Today you will remember what happened one year ago.
But know that we also who have walked this path before you will also remember him today.
There will never a day or a moment go by that you will not think of him, some good memories, some bad.
Sometime I think, if we could just blot this day out of history Jason would still be there with you, but we can't.

I saw this on another Reflection and it is so appropriate.

Dedication to a Fallen Officer

A million times we have missed you,
A million times we have cried,
If love could have saved you,
You never would have died,
Things we feel most deeply,
Are the hardest things to say,
Our dearest One,
We have loved you in a very special way,
We often sit and think of you,
And think of how you died,
To think we couldn't say good-bye
before you closed your eyes,
No one can know our loneliness,
And no one can see us weeping,
All our tears from aching hearts,
While others are still sleeping,
If we had one lifetime wish,
A dream that would come true,
We'd pray to God with all our hearts,
For yesterday and you.

God keep you in His care.

From the Family of:
Hamilton County, Tn. Deputy Sheriff:
Donald K. Bond, Jr.
EOW: 9.6.01

August 28, 2005


August of the worst days in my life (very close to the worst day in my life)...THE worst day for your family. You are always going to be missed just as much as you were the day He took you home.

You made me think about a lot when you were alive and made me think about even more after you were taken from us. You still continue to work your magic even when you're not on earth with us, but that shouldn't surprise me, should it. Thank you for everything you did for me and continue to do for me.

YOU ARE THE GREATEST and will forever be my HERO!

August 28, 2005

I LOVE YOU, I MISS YOU!! Thank you for all the wonderful days that you gave me. I still look to you for advice, as that soul mate strength remains. I cannot believe Jason, no matter how hard I try, that tommorrow marks one year. How can it be? Please know in your heart, that not a day will pass that I won't think of you every moment of every day and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. Hold that light my love, until we meet again.
If only I could wrap my arms around you and sense the strength of your being.
I miss you more than I ever believed a person could miss another..... My love remains, always and forever . .

Rank = Mom, Name = Lynn McMinn-Stein

August 27, 2005

Hi Daddy.

Mommy was working on the computer and I saw your picture. I asked Mommy if we could write you something and send it to God. Of course, she said yes and we are sending this to you with love.


We love you. We miss you, too. Watch over us and keep us safe. You are the best Daddy in the whole world. We love you.


Your baby boy. (and Mommy helped)

P.S. I just sent you a bunch of kisses so make sure you catch them all!! I sent them to your face and chin. I love you Daddy.

T and C Wolfe

August 21, 2005

Hey Handsome,

I wanted to share a song that I heard the other day that reminded me so much of our lives today and how much we miss you!

One day shy of eight years old,
My grandma passed away.
I was a broken-hearted little boy,
Blowing out that birthday cake.
How I cried when the sky let go,
With a cold and lonesome rain,
Momma smiled and said "Don't be sad, child; Grandma's watching you today."

There's holes in the floor of heaven,
And her tears are pouring down.
That's how you know she's watching,
Wishing she could be here now.
Sometimes if you're lonely,
Just remember she can see.
There's holes in the floor of heaven and she's watching over you and me.

Seasons come and seasons go;
Nothing stays the same.
I grew up, fell in love,
Met a girl who took my name.
Year by year, we made a life
In this sleepy little town.
I thought we'd grow old together.
Lord, I sure do miss her now.

But there's holes in the floor of heaven, and her tears are pouring down.
That's how I know she's watching,
Wishing she could be here now.
Sometimes, when I'm lonely,
I remember she can see.
There's holes in the floor of heaven and she's watching over you and me.

Well, my little girl is 23,
I walk her down the aisle.
It's a shame her mom can't be here now
To see her lovely smile.
They throw the rice, I catch her eye
As the rain starts coming down.
She takes my hand, says "Daddy, don't be sad. 'Cause I know Momma's watching now."

"And there's holes in the floor of heaven, and her tears are pouring down.
That's how you know she's watching.
Wishing she could be here now.
Sometimes, when I'm lonely,
I remember she can see.
Yes, there's holes in the floor of heaven and she's watching over you and me."

Watching over you and me!

Of course, this song would be about you not a girl! We miss you so much honey! I promise you that not a day goes by that we do not talk about you and share stories about you and us and our family.

Last week was rough without you here and it was hard to start another new chapter that we had dreamed about doing together. We got through it but it sure was tough! I know how proud you are of "Our Baby Boy" because I am just as proud.

We love you so much Jason and we miss you so much. Please keep watching over us and keeping us safe.

Your wife and son

T Wolfe

August 17, 2005


I miss you. I miss everything about you. I listened to your voice today on one of our recordings and I miss you. I cannot believe that it is going to mark one year in just a few weeks. Sometimes it still does not seem real. Why in the world would God take you? You were young and trying to do the right things in life. You had a very young child that needed you then and needs you now...why would he do such a thing? I will never know the reason behind what happened that day but I will always support your decision Jason. ALWAYS!! I know why you did what you did and that is why I fell in love with you. You would never walk away from someone that needed your help. Thank you for helping your fellow officers.

You have a piece of everyone's heart and you left some wonderful things behind for us. We cherish all of our times and memories daily and will ALWAYS wish that we had more.

Everyday - Every minute - forever

You are our hero sweetheart and we love you!

Your wife and son

T Wolfe

August 15, 2005

Dearest Jason: We all now feel as though a countdown has begun. 14 days to the 1st anniversary of that horrible night. None of us know what to do. Everyone seems to be somewhat distracted and confused. To say I miss you would be the greatest understatement I can think of. We all miss you with all of our hearts. Many of your fellow officers as well as your superiors have spoken to me over and over and have told me what a great Officer you were. They didn't need to tell me that as I already knew. The moment I looked in your eyes the night you were commissioned, I knew you would be the best there could be. And by the way, you were an incredible son as well my love. I know you are watching over us.... I will get to the top that day if it takes me 8 hours.... I love you J and there will never be a day that I don't think about you every minute of every hour of every day. Continue to hold the light for me. My love for you is eternal, but you already knew that. You have touched so many lives. I am the proudest mother in the world, as I actually knew THE GREATEST HERO THERE WILL EVER BE, you my son.
Guide us as you have in the past.
I love you.

L. McMinn (Stein)
No agency, just Jason's Mom

August 15, 2005

Oh Jason,

I can't believe we are getting close to that ever so hurtful time of the year when you and Eric were taken from us. Please help us all get through the next few weeks, we are all going to need you more than ever to make it through. We love you, Jason, and miss you terribly every day.

August 14, 2005

Dear Officer Wolfe,
The one year hurtful memory of your passing is upon us shortly. Aug.28.04 seemed to be any other normal day. Now it has become a day that will forever be in our hearts and minds. Thank you for your couage on that day, and for setting the bar a little higher for us all. Even though you can't be here with us, we are all thankful your wife and son are here to tell us about the man you were.

-BJ Glendale,AZ

August 5, 2005


Yet another month has come and gone without you. Somehow the last 11 months have seemed to drag by without you here. You, as well as your mom, wife, sons, and rest of your family, are thought of every day by so many who will always love you. Please keep your loved ones and fellow officers safe. Jason, I miss you so much.

July 28, 2005


I just finished some 10-31 about the day you gave your life. Just finding it and looking at it, made me start crying. I hate knowing it is there and I hate knowing that until I read it over and over, I won't forget I know where it, of course, I read it again. I just want to ignore the next few days. Sometimes it seems to get harder instead of easier. I really don't understand that...We saw some of your family this weekend. Everybody seems to be doing pretty good but the conversation always comes back to you. I know, I is that any different than normal, huh? You always were my funny man.

It seems strange sometimes to think about how our life has progressed in the last almost eleven months. I still find myself making decisions and asking, "Would Jason do it this way" or "Would Jason like this?" I am trying to stop this because I know that I have to make the decisions now and although I still ask for others opinions, I think you would be pretty proud of me.

You know how our little angel is doing. Just like his Daddy everyday...especially some days...ha ha. We miss you very much my darling and although our family chain is broken, I know we will all be together again some day.

Thank you for giving so much of yourself in your lifetime and thank you for sending me the gifts I treasure today. You have guided me in a direction that offers healing to our baby and me. Thank you!

I love you always!
T. Wolfe

Don't forget to keep watching over us and keeping us safe.

T Wolfe

July 26, 2005

My Dearest Jason:
As I sit and stare at the calendar, I realize we are almost to that 11 month mark, actually it is next week. It seems as though I miss you more and more each day. From the song that our old buddy sang, the song entitled "A fire I can't put out seems to sum it up for me. I miss you son, and I love you with all of my heart and soul. Hold the light for me.

July 19, 2005

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