Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Sergeant Gregory Lei Hunter

Grand Prairie Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Friday, June 18, 2004

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Reflections for Sergeant Gregory Lei Hunter

Thinking of you today and always, and that big smile that would brighten anyone’s day. Wishing we could play basketball and that I could hug you tightly and hear that infectious laugh of yours. And in honor of Father’s Day on Sunday, thank you for being the prime example of a fathers love. Fourteen years with you may not feel like it was enough time but I wouldn’t trade it for the world because of the memories those years gave me with you. I love you and am proud that you were/are my father. Til we meet again. Love, Your Button Eyes

Erin Hunter-McPhan

June 18, 2021

My dear, sweet Greg, you are the most amazing human being I have ever met. I will forever be your wife Greg. I love you and miss you beyond description.

Forever and ever to heaven + Infinity + 086, not even death will separate you, our daughter and me, as our love for you will never diminish and our beautiful memories will forever be alive in our hearts, mind and soul. Your light will forever be a beacon of love and hope for Erin and me and your light will forever shine bright in our heart, mind, soul and spirit. Your faithfulness to the Lord first above all things, blessed our family so much, as the Lord truly provided so much love, happiness and joy in our marital and family foundation. We were rock solid. We will forever be grateful and blessed as your wife and daughter and forever, this will never change. I live a Hunter and I will die a Hunter. Our daughter kept the Hunter name with a hyphen when she married. You would be so proud of her and pleased with the man she married. Just as you were a God-fearing man, he is as well and very strong in his faith.

You were an exceptional Sergeant and officer of the department, however, you were much, much more than that. You were a faithful follower of the Lord and you were an exceptional husband and father. Forever, our daughter and I will be indebted to you for all you brought into our lives, and that was everything beautiful, happy, full of extraordinary love and joy.

It has often been said that a man is measured by what he leaves behind, and that it is up to history to evaluate his contributions. I know that Greg has left a legacy built upon the fruit of the spirit.

He certainly lived a life worthy of the sacrifice of Christ. I love you Greg, forever and ever to Infinity + 086.


SAY HIS NAME............


Love, Denise
Wife of Sgt. Gregory L. Hunter

June 18, 2021

Happy birthday, Daddy. I miss that giggle/humor of yours, your whistle while cleaning, and even when you would say “Erin Michelle, did you put up your toys? A place for everything, and everything in it’s place” amongst the many wonderful characteristics and qualities about you. While losing you has been painful, I thank God for giving me you as my dad, and for giving you and mom the incredible strength through all my health complications and heart surgeries. I thank God for the wonderful memories He gave me with you that help shape me into who I am today. Thank you for always believing in me and pushing me in the right directions. Thank you for your selflessness and your service. I know Heaven with Grandmother Dear, Aunt Edwina, and our Lord, along with other family and friends must be grand. We only dream of what Heaven is like and you are living it. Matter of fact, you’re probably scrimmaging in basketball up there right now as we speak. I can’t wait to be reunited one day with you again. You have always been an exceptional leader by example and always hold a special place in my heart. I love you to infinity + 086. Happy birthday to you. ❤️

-Your Button Eyes/Erin

Erin Hunter-McPhan

October 1, 2020

Happy Birthday in Heaven my dearest Greg. I thank God for the abundant and beautiful blessings of love, marriage, our daughter and countless and invaluable memories. It will never be "til death do us part". I live a HUNTER and I will die a HUNTER. Your girls proudly wear the HUNTER name. You will always be here with us in spirit and in our hearts. While no one could ever possibly imagine Erin's and my personal and exorbitant pain, just the same, no one can ever possibly imagine the deep love, dedication and faithfulness we shared. You were always a selfless man of faith, putting God first and praying over all things. Each time I pass by a basketball court, I think of you out there shooting hoops as you did each and every day. I still see you and I forever to infinity +086 love you!
You had always told Erin and me that you wished you could save the world. I remember.............
Happy birthday in Heaven my love!

Denise Hunter
Surviving and Loving Spouse

October 1, 2020

Happy Father’s Daddy. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you and all of the special memories we made together. Love you x infinity + 086!

Erin Hunter-McPhan

June 21, 2020

Sgt Hunter was my first Sgt out of training on the evening shift. One day after our briefing, Sgt Hunter told me to follow him to his office. When I sat down across from him, Sgt Hunter said that he felt I was upset or disturbed about something. Sgt Hunter said.” Byron, you are vocal in briefings, tell jokes, kidding around with the guys. You are different today and I want to help if something is going on. I told Sgt Hunter that I found out before I came to work, that my wife and I mutually agreed to get a divorce. Sgt Hunter asked me if there was anything he could do. I was closed off and just said,”No, I just have to deal with it and suck it up.” Sgt Hunter told me that he did not feel good about sending me out on the streets. He said, Byron, take a few days off. You need to process this and take care of you. I reluctantly said ok. Sgt Hunter said he would call and check on me and if I needed more time, it was ok. Before I left his office, Sgt Hunter asked if he could pray with me. I said that was ok. Sgt Hunter came and knelt next to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. It was one of the most powerful prayers I have ever heard. I did everything I could to fight back tears. Your not suppose to cry on duty as I was taught many years ago. I could not hold it back. When Sgt Hunter finished the pray, he had tears rolling down his face. In my 26 years, I never had a supervisor do this. Sgt Hunter called me everyday for the next three days to check on me and just gave me encouraging words. What Sgt Hunter did for me and what I learned from him was this. He made sure that all his officers knew and felt that they were appreciated and valued. Meaning, that you matter. Officers under Sgt Hunter went above and beyond out of the streets because we knew we had his support. This was a powerful leadership experience I learned from him. Even after retirement, I do this in my insurance business. My clients know that they are appreciated and valued. My family and friends as well. Sgt Hunter put me on a different path that day when he called me in his office. I am honored, blessed and completely thankful that Sgt Hunter crossed my path. I know his mansion in heaven is large. Sgt Hunter always put his people first. No politics, no talking about more stats, no overreacting. He truly believed in serving his men and woman that were on his shift. Out of all the supervisors and 5 Chiefs in my career, not one comes close to Sgt Hunter’s leadership and service that he gave everyday. Miss you brother. You were absolutely one of a kind.

Byron Olivere #305
Honorably Retired 2018
Grand Prairie PD

February 27, 2020

Tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the toughest day of my life. I had just moved to a Co Manager position at Wal-Mart store 896 in Grand Prairie Texas. I was coming in to open that day, the Friday before Father’s Day. As I entered the store I was stopped by the opening CSM and asked what to do about a van that had been running its engine on and off all night in the parking lot. I told her if it was still there in an hour, call the police. That was at 7:00am. At approximately 8:30, while in the morning meeting, we received a call that shots had been fired and that a police officer was down. As I ran to the front to secure the store I remember seeing SWAT officers carrying people in and telling them to stay inside the store. As we were barricaded into our store with 100+ customers, I remember we set up a makeshift movie theatre, a nursery and put down lawn chairs and sleeping bags for people to relax. We also prepared meals during what wound up being a 6 hour stand off for police. It was the first time I met Texas Rangers and officers from the ATF. I helped choose items from hardware that were used to create an explosive charge and force the doors open to the van I spoke of earlier. My store team and I were honored with the Samuel M. Walton Hero award for actions taken that day. Sergeant Gregory Hunter, a husband, father and a 29 year veteran of the Grand Prairie PD gave his life that day protecting me, my team and over 100 customers. He was the true hero and I will be forever grateful for his sacrifice. Sargent Gregory L. Hunter EOW 6.18.04

Dawn Sweeny
Wal Mart Manager

June 18, 2019

"From the first time a father reaches to take his daughter’s infant hand, she reaches up and takes his heart. She never returns it. He is her protector, her provider. Her knight. Her hero. In turn she is his lamb. His angel on loan. His beauty of beauties.” -Max Lucado⁣⁣⁣⁣


June 16, 2019

“Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God."
Matthew 5:9

Marshal Chris Di Gerolamo
Federal Air Marshal Service

June 7, 2019

I'm just making it clear, I'm reflecting on my brother in blue and in Christ today. That's all. I loved him, respected him, and my heart hurts that he's gone from here. I'm so grateful he knew Jesus in this life; because, now he can look directly into his face. God bless those Greg left behind.

Steve Burton

Sgt. Steve Burton
Bartlesville PD and Grand Prairie PD

January 30, 2018

My dearest Greg, thirteen years ago this morning, an evil man took your life in such a heinous manner. This left our only daughter and me painfully heartbroken and forever lonely without your presence with us here on earth. We will never heal from the pain of losing you and our heartaches have become a part of us. You were the absolute and beautiful goodness in our world and a committed man of the Lord, a perfect, loving and faithful husband and father. Happy Father's Day in Heaven my sweet Greg. Erin and I know you are celebrating the absolute best Father's Day with our Father. Thank you for choosing me to be your wife and for loving me unconditionally. Even if we were to live a thousand years and be married for most of those, that would still not be long enough. Our daughter is living her life according to the word of God because you set such a wonderful example of a Christian father to her. You truly exemplified the character and qualities of a humble and spiritual follower of God, worthy of the sacrifice of Christ. Erin will always cherish and remember your words of wisdom, scriptural teachings and love for the Lord. Daily, she emanates the very qualities of a Godly person you lived and instilled in her. You would be proud of her as she is an angel of mercy, taking care of sweet, little heart lives, giving back just as there were those wonderful professionals who took care of her when she was younger. We will forever and ever be indebted to you for everything you were, that you are and for all that you brought into our lives, which was everything positive and good. Erin and I are honored to be your daughter and wife. As long as we are alive, we will always honor you and your brave and selfless sacrifice. When I take my last breath on this earth, I hope that I honored you in the most deserving and respectful manner, as I will always be a Hunter and I will die a Hunter. Your light will always and forever shine bright in our hearts and our minds. One day, we know as Christians, we will be reunited. We loved you then, we love you now and we will always love you all the way to Heaven + Infinity + 086.
You once lived….you are loved….and your life, service and sacrifice will always matter.
“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13

Denise Hunter
Surviving Spouse - Sgt. Gregory Hunter, Grand Prairie PD, EOW 6-18-04

June 18, 2017

Denise and Erin,

As Father's Day approaches this year (2017), I'm reminded that God's Word teaches us there is no sadness nor time in Heaven, that God's children, having had all the mysteries revealed to them, are in a state of complete peace and joy. Although we know there is "a great cloud of witnesses" who see us, and know the all the trials and tribulations we still face, I imagine they smile; because, they have EXPERIENCED the victory of their faith, and they KNOW the "things yet unseen"! How exciting to know Greg knew Jesus as his savior in THIS life, and while we're waiting with great patience and perseverance for our chance to see the face of Jesus, Greg already KNOWS and LIVES this experience constantly and timelessly! How exciting to know someday, our time will the blink of an eye! Stay strong! Stay faithful! Steep yourselves in God's Word! Above all, you both have incredible messages to share about the faith of your husband and father, and about your OWN experiences as Jesus believers! This was not at all what I sat down to write today, but after praying not to sound foolish, I felt compelled to encourage and exhort you my precious sisters. God bless you and keep you, and give you peace. Love to you both always.

Sgt. D.S. Burton Rsrve. Trng.(GPPD Ret.)
Bartlesville Police Department (Oklahoma)

June 12, 2017

Sergeant Hunter will always be a hero. The lives he touched, the legacy he leavs behind is something that his invaluable. He is now a blue guardian of the sky watching down on his fellow brothers & sisters in blue. I was fortunate enough to make contact with his wife, Denise, who is amazing person. His daughter just graduated college & it brings tears to my eyes that even though he wasn't there to see it, He was their in spirit. May God Bless Sergeant Hunter!

APO Christian Durante
NYPD Auxiliary Police 68th Precinct

November 28, 2016

Rest in Peace Police Sergeant Gregory L. Hunter. Thank You for your Service and Sacrifice protecting the citizens of Grand Prairie, Texas.

I Pray for Peace for your Family, Friends and Co-Workers. I also Pray that the scum that murdered you suffer immense pain and agony as he forever burns in the lake of fire.


Senior Special Agent B.L. Sherwood (Ret)
Port Terminal Railroad Police Houston, TX

June 18, 2016

Miss Brother love you man

Harold Harrington

November 24, 2015

Never forgotten.

Police Officer - -
Mesquite (TX) Police Department

June 18, 2015

Time may have passed but you are not forgotten. I believe as long as someone remembers you or speaks your name, you are still with us.
Thank you for your heroism.
GOD Bless

Detention Officer A.Zambito

June 18, 2015

You are loved!You are missed!
Heavens a better place because God added you!
Rest well, my brother.

Lt. Kenneth Lee

June 18, 2015

A memorial will be held at 9:15 in the parking lot of the same Walmart. June 18, 2015

Todd Martin
Citizen of G.P.

June 10, 2015

Just want to leave a reflection. My father worked with you and for you. He had very good things to say about you. You were always positive. I am proud to have you in my life because of the influence you had on my dad.May God bless your family always.

Jerry Rios
New Bern Police Department

May 20, 2015

Your time was well spent here on earth. Your legacy continues in your beautiful, thoughtful and spiritual family. God speed Sir and shall he forever be with your family, friends, brothers and sisters in arms.
Keep our lord safe until we all meet once again and rejoice. See you at role call. Happy Birthday my friend.

Jason R. Baxter
University Park Police Department

Traffic Division/Reconstructionist
University Park PD

October 4, 2014

Happy sweet birthday in heaven Daddy. To the best friend, husband and father a daughter and wife could ever ask for. I still see you smile and hear your laugh each and every day. Thank you for giving me the absolute best upbringing, foundation, years and memories to reflect on to help me persevere through life without you here on earth with me and Mom. You are my forever FATHER HERO and the first and forever love of my life. Mom and I will never, ever forget you and it is our honor and mission in our lifetime to uphold your remembrance, duty, sacrifice and honor. You lived and you are loved. You are forever in our hearts and souls. Your light continues to shine bright in Mom's and my life as well as the life of others that you so tenderly touched. We will miss you and love you until God takes us home to be with you.

Your Loving Daughter,
Erin M. Hunter

October 1, 2014

You are not forgotten Sir !! ~RIP~

Shirley Odom
Aunt of Fallen Officer John Logan- Huntington, Tx. EOW 3-14-04

June 18, 2014

Greg, I received an email from you beautiful wife today about the memorial for the 10th anniversary since you left us. Hard to believe it has been that long already. Even though I left the PD before your loss, it still hits me hard. I speak of you in class when I teach recruits. You sir, were a gentleman and a cop everyone should strive to be, and a true hero. I miss you.

Chief James Healy
former co-worker

June 16, 2014

Hi Greg, I think of you often but more so the last several days. One of "ours" and his wife also one of "ours" lost their teenage daughter in an accident. The way the entire department came together for them and each other because we all watched this child grow up was just as stunning as the day you were taken from us. My heart breaks for them but I know she's with you now and you will guide her from here on... Greg you are still missed so much we love you and we all love these parents and their "baby girl".


April 24, 2014

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