Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Sergeant Clifton Rife, II

Metropolitan Police Department, District of Columbia

End of Watch Wednesday, June 2, 2004

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Reflections for Sergeant Clifton Rife, II

I told myself I wouldn't come to this site again. That lasted for a couple of months. I don't know if it's because you weren't here to bust my balls about turning 36 or because Cliff will be 14 next week or because Britt will driving soon; I'm just bummed. Cliff is as tall as me now. Britt is female version of you; quick-witted and smart-assed. Alright, she gets the last bit from me.

I was soaking in the tub the other day and remembered the year we rang in the New Year drunk in that bathtub and me sliding under the water after you got out. I'd never seen you panic like that before. It was kind of funny.

At the wreath laying ceremony, they said that E.O.W. was eternally on watch. I hope you aren't still on watch. You should be playing with Rupert or riding the motorcycle you never got to build.

I know I said to you at the hospital that I had this; the kids are taken care of, your parents, my family. If you are eternally on watch, then I don't have to tell you how I feel.

Got a date a week from Friday
With the preacher's son
Everybody says he's crazy
I'll have to see
I finally moved to Jackson
When the summer came
I won't have to pay that boy
To rake my leaves
I'm probably going on and on
It seems I'm doing more of that these days

I probably wouldn't be this way
I probably wouldn't hurt this bad
I never pictured every minute without you in it
Oh, you left so fast
Sometimes I see you standing there
Sometimes it's like I'm losing touch
Sometimes I feel that I'm so lucky
To have had the chance to love this much
God, give me a moments grace
If I never see your face
I probably wouldn't be this way

Mama says, that I just shouldn't speak to you
Susan says, that I should just move on
You oughtta see the way these people look at me
When they see me round here talking to this stone
Everybody thinks I've lost my mind
But I just take it day by day

I probably wouldn't be this way
I probably wouldn't hurt this bad
I never pictured every minute without you in it
Oh, you left so fast
Sometimes I see you standing there
Sometimes I feel an angels touch
Sometimes I feel that I'm so lucky
To have had the chance to love this much
God, give me a moments grace
Cause if I never see your face
I probably wouldn't be this way
I probably wouldn't be this way

Got a date a week from Friday
With the preacher's son
Everybody says I'm crazy
Guess I'll have to see


November 7, 2005

Ah school is boring as hell so I figured I'd stop by and leave ya note.Howdy and such and much love for ya.

Peace and Love,

Gordidda 1

September 30, 2005

Help, I have done it again
I have been here many times before
Hurt myself again today
And the worst part is there's no one else to blame

Be my friend, hold me
Wrap me up, unfold me
I am small, and needy
Warm me up, and breathe me

Ouch I have lost myself again
Lost myself and I am nowhere to be found,
Yeah I think that I might break
I've lost myself again, and I will, I'll say...



August 23, 2005

Hey Rife!
Your wife and kids sure miss you but we're watching over them. I think Kristine's about worn out traveling around the country for ceremonies in your honor. The kids are doing their retreats, and getting thru the summer, but you know they miss you. I know Kristine does to 'cause I hear it when we talk about you. She's in there fighting because of the DC pension ruling...we'll help her all we can. Just keep an eye on her, and we'll keep an arm around her.


August 13, 2005

Happy Birthday Rife! Please make sure Kristine and the kids have a safe trip to the COPS retreat. It is a much needed trip for the kids to be with other kids who have lost their parents who were also serving and protecting the community like you did everyday. God bless all of you.

Jennifer Aaron
Wife of Ofc. Duke G. Aaron, III (EOW 07/20/04)

July 31, 2005


I will never forget the first time I saw your family it was in DC at the Wreath Laying Ceremony on October 15, 2004. Then I saw your family at the engraving ceremony several months later. I never thought that we would one day become friends, but we have. I first got to speak with you at Dulaney Valley when my "favorite top cop" of them all (you know I am being sarcastic right now) came up to me. You couldn't believe I did what I did and I kept on talking to you and everyone else that was standing in our little circle. Then I got to see you in DC. I remember you talking to my dad and his girlfriend on the bus about your husband and what happened to him. After that, we caught up with each other again at the DC Metro PD ceremomy where DC included Duke in their ceremony. That was so nice of them and I am grateful to them for recognizing my husband the way they did. We were even able to find some humor in conversation with Martha, Barb and some shy people.

Since that event, we have kept in contact and have become SOS'ers in Martha's survivor support group. You witnessed me getting a pedicure for the first time and I now like to let my piggys breathe as you have encouraged me to do. We, along with Martha, have sat on corner benches together watching people pass us by while eating ice cream and drinking Starbucks Coffee. We, along with Martha, have shared our tragic stories over and over again and at no time have we ever got tired of hearing those stories over and over again. I cannot thank you enough for the support you have given to me over the last several months. Your strength and courage to continue to move forward in the life you and the kids have been forced to live is admirable. God bless you, the kids, and Rife's parents and brother and may you all never walk alone because Rife will always be there watching over all of you.


Jennifer Aaron
Wife of Ofc. Duke G. Aaron, III (EOW 07/20/04)

July 25, 2005

Hey Cliffy It's me. Michael T. HERO. LOL.It's taken me a year to write this but now I think It's time to let you go.
what happened happened and you left this world a hero. I know thats little consolation to the ones you left behind but this is the life we chose. We all knew, espessially in this town, we might not make it to retirement but choose to do it anyway. I'll never forget the phone call I got that morning or how numb I felt. I'll never forget how, when we all came together ,it seemed like a really bad dream, which we all have all the time. I'll never forget how that was the bad dream that never stopped. We just couldnt wake up from it. We lost touch for years after we got out of the acadamy(90-24) and only re-established a friendship about a year before you took that preditor out of this world and he stole you from us. Me, D, and Koury, made sure the other thing was ok. ABM tried to jump into the potomac with his suit on... we had to stop him. I aint been worth a shit since you left, not because of you but just because of other things, I aint been worth a shit.LOL. I got to meet your family. It sucks that I met them under theses circumstances. When your brother walked in everyone in Harry's froze..... you guy's look so much alike it freaked everyone out. Cliffy... We gave you a good send off. Nothing that will ever replace you for your children or loved one's, but you were given a good Irish send off that I would only hope to have. Cliffy, You made 14 rounds count. I'm sorry that that seems so brutal, but thats the life we chose. Well Clife.. I've got to let you go. We will never forget you or you smile or your laugh, but I cant go through my life sad... and I know you would'nt want US to... So this is my first step of the healing process. I traced your name off the wall and folded it and taped it to th back of my notebook. I gotta go Clife... It's not so much that I gotta go as I must go. I promise you this...To every new person I meet... they all know your story and how you died a hero and everything you were forced to leave behind. I gotta go now Clife, and I gotta let you go. We all love you, miss you, and miss your great laugh. LUCKY 13
Michael T

Michael T.90-24 (we want more)

Michael T

June 10, 2005

Sgt Cliff,
I know don't call you sergeant it's Cliff but, I have to give you your respect. Yesterday, was the anniversary of your death and I thought about you most of the day and even though I was sad I found myself laughing alot. I kept thinking about your jokes and your enormous sense of humor. I hope you know you will never be forgotten and I am very honored to have known you and considered you a friend. The guys had a barbecue and a motorcycle ride in your honor and I know you would have liked that lots of barbecue and motorcycles. It seems like every time I saw you it was either lunchtime or dinnertime and you was always dressed like a biker. You was the coolest sergeant I ever met and that includes my dad but, don't tell him I said that. If anyone would have told me that you listened to rap music I would not have believed it. I always thought of you as a country and western guy but, when I saw you bobbing your head to Jay-Z music I almost had a heart attack. You were a well rounded guy. It didn't matter where you were you could fit in and in a matter of minutes you would have someone laughing. Thank you for all of your good advice on handling management and surviving all the punches I've taken from guys twice my size. Thanks for all the good times. I miss you but, I still have the memories and I will always remember.

Officer La Tasha Goodwin
Metropolitan Police Department District of Columbia

June 3, 2005

Yesterday was one year since you've been gone. I can't believe it. I miss you so much everyday. Your parents came down. There was a BBQ in your honor at the Branch. It was strange knowing that someone else is in your office now. I met someone you worked with at 7D yesterday. He told me that you had said that if you were in a bad situation that you would fight like hell to take that person with you. And you did. A fighter to the end. Of course I'm not surprised, once a Marine always a Marine.

I love you (like you don't know). I still listen to country music and think of you. Taking me to the Dixie Chicks!! Oh my God, a girl from Southeast DC & PG County at the Dixie Chicks. Amazing!! Anyway, there's nothing I can put here that I didn't say a million times to you. Tell Rupert I love and miss him too!

I lie here all alone
In my bed of memories
I'm dreamin' of your sweet kiss
Oh, and how you loved on me
I can almost feel you with me
Here in this blue moon light
Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight

Like so many other hearts
Mine wanted to be free
I've been held here every day
Since you've been away from me
My reflection in the mirror
It's such a hurtful sight
Oh I miss being Mrs. tonight

Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight
Oh, and how I love them lovin arms
That once held me so tight
I took off my wedding band
And put it on my right hand
I miss being Mrs. tonight

Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight
Oh, and how I love them lovin arms
That once held me so tight
I took off my wedding band
And put it on my right hand
I miss being mrs. tonight.

Oh, I miss being Mrs. tonight...



June 3, 2005

On this anniversary of your death, I honor your memory and thank you for your service. RIP.
May god be with the Rife family at this time.

Special Agent S. Cochran
CSX Railroad Police Jax,Fl

June 2, 2005

Your service was our safety! Thank you for what you have done, you are a hero to all.

Police Explorer
PD in the North East

June 2, 2005

On this, the first anniversary of your passing, we are reminded that even off-duty, this is a dangerous profession.
It has been said that while only one wears the uniform, the entire family serves.
No words can ease the sorrow your loved ones feel, but hopefully some comfort can be found in knowing that your memory lives on in those of us who continue to protect and serve.
May I extend my condolences to the family of Officer Clifton Rife and the members of the DCPD.
While his tour is over, we continue on.

Master Trooper
Virginia State Police

June 2, 2005

Thank you for making the community a better place for all of us! It will be one year since you were taken away from your family and loved ones. I will be thinking of them tomorrow, and I just hope they know that you are always there for them. I have never met your wife or children, but they seem to be very strong and loving. Please let them know you are there for them at this great time of need.

To Sergeant Rife's Wife- Keep staying strong and never let the memory fade away. You are a hero along with your husband. I'm sure you are doing a great job raising the children. Stay strong and know that you have so many people around you that love you. I wish I had a chance to meet you so I could tell you that you are a wonderful mommy! Take care and stay strong.


June 1, 2005

I survived Police Week. Those times we went before, I never thought your name would ever be up there. I never thought I would be one of those widows. It still doesn't seem real. Next week it'll be a year. I don't know how I make it through each day.

I love you.


May 24, 2005

I watched your name being engraved on the wall last week. I felt the pain that I did when I saw you at the hospital. Part of me still doesn't believe you're gone.

Luv ya!!


April 25, 2005

Cause I’m broken when I’m open
And I don’t feel like I am strong enough
Cause I’m broken when I’m lonesome
And I don’t feel right when you’re gone away...

Missing you today and always.

Luv ya!!


April 5, 2005

For you there'll be no crying
For you the sun will be shining
'Cause I feel that when I'm with you
It's alright, I know it's right

And the songbirds keep singing
Like they know the score
And I love you, I love you, I love you
Like never before

To you, I would give the world
To you, I'd never be cold
'Cause I feel that when I'm with you
It's alright, I know it's right

And the songbirds keep singing
Like they know the score
And I love you, I love you, I love you
Like never before

Like never before; like never before
[Songbird by Eva Cassidy]

I love you baby!!!


January 2, 2005

We miss you so much!!! Britt told me that she hears you walking around the house. I can feel and smell you in the kitchen. I told her not to be afraid, that you are just watching over us. Cliffie is so sad. I think he misses you the most. We play video games with him, but it's not the same. Your parents are doing their best. They have helped me so much, but you already know that. I hate seeing them so hurt. The fog has melted, but the pain remains the same. I've never felt more alone than now. You weren't here to torture me about my birthday, I can't believe we have to do Xmas without you. You aren't here to see Britt and Cliffie growing (you wouldn't believe how much he's sprouted). I took her to her first high school football game and I just cried in parking lot. So many things you are going to miss. Our babies aren't babies anymore.

I think I picked the right spot for you in the cemetery. Right near a tree with squirrels. Your marker is down. Almost perfect. I know what you would say if saw what I put on it (Fred said the same thing). But it sums my feelings for you perfectly. I put a Xmas tree there for you.

Love you forever and always!!!


PS - Tell Rupert I miss and love him too and give him a good belly rubbin'

December 21, 2004

Hey Brother,
Well it has been more than six months and I still feel the same about your death. They say everything happens for a reason but I can not believe it. They called you a hero but I already knew that. I hope if I am put in the same situation, I will have the courage and skill that you did.
I still remember when they told me to train you. I had two years on! I knew everything.This new guy will just hold me down! How wrong I was. You quickly became one of my best friend. I don't know why because I treated you like crap for months. I remember "Ham",the guy with the roach eggs on his back that tried to kill himself in the cell block toilet, the rights card girl, the birth of your son, my wedding, and your 500+ day vacation. Thanks for getting an old plow horse like me over to Major Narcotics. You saved me from the glue factory and someday I will pay you back.
I wish I could have met your parents before June 2nd. They are really nice folks and I know why you turned out so well. They are strong people and you should be proud.
Well, I'm trying to change but it is not too easy. I wish we had more time but it was not to be. I'll write more very soon.

Detective Jeff Folts

December 19, 2004

I remember the nights I watched as you lay sleeping
Your body gripped by some far away dream
Well I was so scared and so in love then
And so lost in all of you that I had seen
But no one ever talked in the darkness
No voice ever added fuel to the fire
No light ever shone in the doorway
Deep in the hollow of earthly desires
But if in some dream there was brightness
If in some memory some sort of sign
And flesh be revived in the shadows
Blessed our bodies would lay so entwined

And I will oh I will not forget you
Nor will I ever let you go
I will oh I will not forget you

I remember when you left in the morning at daybreak
So silent you stole from my bed
To go back to the one who possesses your soul
And I back to the life that I dread.
So I ran like the wind to the water
Please don't leave me again I cried
And I threw bitter tears at the ocean
But all that came back was the tide...

Missing you terribly. Love always.


September 29, 2004

Sarge, as you now know, Jesus Loves You, so do we!
John 3:16

RB Wade
MPDC Academy Class 71-14
First District-1971-1973

Ret. Officer RB Wade
Richmond, VA Police

September 22, 2004

What a strong man Sgt. Rife must have been to be able to return fire, mortally wound his shooter, and still call for help afterwards. He sounds like he was a fighter. It's time for him to rest now and let his brothers and sisters in blue continue the fight for him. God Bless You, Sgt. Rife...your sacrifice will NOT be forgotten!!!

A 911 Dispatcher

August 1, 2004

My thoughts and prayers are with you all during this terrible tragedy. Know that others have shared your pain, and you are not alone. One day, you shall all be reunited one fine day. Know that he is in a place surrounded by the finest law enforcement has to offer ... all of our beloved fallen heroes. May God bring peace to you and help you see this through.
Buncombe County S.O.
Sgt. Jeffrey T. Hewitt
E.O.W. April 4,2004

Jennifer Mackey
Buncombe County SO NC

July 4, 2004

God Bless you and your family. Please watch over all of us and be our guardian angel.

Patrolman Shane White
Clarion University of Pa Police Dept.

June 30, 2004



June 19, 2004

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