Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Rodney Fredderick Pocceschi

Virginia Beach Police Department, Virginia

End of Watch Monday, June 23, 2003

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Reflections for Police Officer Rodney Fredderick Pocceschi

Rod, I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. The field training you gave me and the time we rode together will never be forgotten. Your dedication to this department and your family was remarkable. Your training has most likely saved my life and others many times over. There are very few days that I don't think of you. I have carried your remembrance coin for every tour since you passed. That keeps me safe and lets me know that your are watching over all of your brothers here in Virginia Beach.

Officer TJ Schultz

November 27, 2006


I stopped by the cemetary to say hi. I see you made Michigan kick Notre Dame's butt on Saturday Sept. 16th. Your wife sent me a Who Hoo! She was happy.

Our golf tournament just isn't taking off the way we would hope it would. It seems that the support here isn't like all the support you get out in VA Beach. We fax things to police department and it just gets tossed away. No one even thinks about it. I need you to help me figure out a way to reach out to everyone so we can get all these officers a vest. So many of them don't have them. We want them protected. Our golf tournament just didn't raise enough money to make a dent in the request.

Saturday was a tiring day. I wanted to take time to remember your day but was very busy. Jacci and I know we need to push on and hope to get more help. It just takes time to get our name out there. We get last page news. We actually need front page news so everyone can see it.

Tv stations only come out when they want to talk badly about the police. Not very often when something good is happening. One station did come out to show us donating our first bullet proof vest to an officer. That was because the news guy was related to one of the dept. officers.

Anyway, I miss you very much. I keep wishing I could have memories that are recent and not ones that become long ago memories as the years go on. Your son is so big and smart. He looks so much like you. I love seeing him.

Life is good here and I am thankful for my families health. We struggle with other things as do other families and I am coping.

There still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I know your coworkers think of you as often as I do.

I love you little brother.
Love, Big Sis Gina

Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of Officer

September 18, 2006

I stop by here every time I come to this site Rod... I cannot seem to help myself.

I sit and I read.. and I cry. I cry for the loss of you and what you meant to your family and friends. Even though we did not know each other your death touched me in ways you cannot imagine.

I cannot figure out why I think of you so often except perhaps that you were around my age when you were killed and yours was the first LEO funeral I attended. I am sorry you have that honor. I wish we could have met. I can see by your sisters reflections what a guy you must have been.

Your family was and still is very dedicated to you. I know they miss you deeply and never go to sleep that they haven't thought of you.

I attend our memorial every year and its when your name is read and your flower presented on the wreath that I begin to lose it. I say a prayer for you every time I pass by your memorial on Dam Neck Rd.

Know that the officers and their families here never forget you and thank you for the sacrifice you made that day. Even during your final moments you were thinking of those you vowed to serve and protect.

You are a true hero. Heroes never die they live forever in our hearts.


An Officer's Wife

July 28, 2006

I saw your website "Fallen Officers Remembered" today. It brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful site and a wonderful tribute to your brother.
I rarely come onto this site, it's must too painful for me, but I wanted to come and read about your loved one.
I am touched by the amount of love in this site and the site you created. I know the grief you have in your heart, for I feel it as well. My fiance was also shot and I feel your pain and share your tears.
I read that you have supported and love your brothers wife and son, what a beautiful gift to them. I can't tell you enough how much those hugs and kisses to her mean.
Your brother will never be forgotten, and will always be remembered.
I hope the prayers of those like me, surround you and support you in this quest you take on to support the law enforcement community that still picks up the torch daily to protect us from those that intend to do harm. I will pray for you daily.
God Bless You!

Fiancee of deceased LEO

July 3, 2006


We responded to many calls, conducted many traffic stops, played many rounds of golf, and drank many beers. We shared many dreams and confided in one another many times. We were always there for each other and I would give anything to have been there for you that night…to have your back the way we had each other’s back many times before.

I miss you (God knows how I miss you)…I thank you…and I love you my brother-in- blue!!


June 23, 2006

May you Rest safe with Our Lord and may He give your family strength and comfort, now and always.Special Blessings for your little son and for his Mama.

June 23, 2006

6/23/2006 at 0324 hours,

Officer Pocceschi,

I often visit the ODMP and read your story. Like you, I work midnights and make traffic stops all hours of the night. I am saddened to know three years ago on the very hour you were taken from us your "Law Enforcement Family".

You paid the ultimate sacrifice to make the streets of Virginia Beach safer, and on that night you did. You are a true Hero. Thank you for your service and dedication to the citizens of the Commonwealth. Rest in peace and may GOD continue to bless your family, and the Virginia Beach Police Department.

Senior Officer D.W.Reichhardt
Virginia State University Police Department

June 23, 2006


We all gathered around on Dam Neck Rd tonight to pay tribute to you...Thank you for watching over all of us. Tiffany and I miss you pal...Please continue to watch over our brothers

MPO R.S. Franklin

June 23, 2006

Can't believe its been 3 years Rod. Seems like yesterday we were in the academy together. Rest in peace brother we have the watch now.

Det. 28th Academy

June 22, 2006

Tomorrow evening will be our night of rememberance for you little brother. We are doing a fundraiser to help our organization and they only do it on Thursday evenings. So one day before the anniversary of your passing is okay.

The memories will be there but we probably won't be sharing the same ones like we did last year. We are hoping for people that didn't know you to come out with us tomorrow as a night of rememberance for all fallen police officers. We will see what Wilkes-Barre will do.

I have to say that officers here are truly not like the officers in VA Beach. It is different here. These officers, locally, don't have time to volunteer. Their salary is so small that they need a second and third job. Some can only do what they enjoy as a part time job around here. I see now why you left here. I keep wondering if this area had treated their police officers like they treat the politicians, if you would have left the area. Then maybe you would be alive today.

I cannot be selfish though because then you wouldn't have been there to stop that horrible person from committing ongoing crimes.

We really need prayers answered to help out our justice system.

You will be thought of all day tomorrow and throughout the next 2 weeks when we look back to rememember your life and your passing.

Please watch over mom while she is still in the hospital. She needs your strength.

I love you little brother and miss you very much. Hug dad for me.

Happy Father's Day since I didn't write it earlier. I'm sure you were watching over your son as dad was watching over me.

Love you dearly,

Big Sis, Gina

Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of Officer

June 21, 2006

June 17, 2006:

Dear "big" little brother:

It's 11:43 pm...17 minutes before Father's Day. I can only imagine the joy that you would have had; your little guy being 3 now. He was such an important part of your life...a miracle too. He is doing well and he is very much loved and cared for; just like you would have done, and I know that you are watching and that you are happy with what you see. I just wish that you could be here in person. I wish that this could be your very own Father's Day; the breakfast that you would have been served or the funny little card that your boy would have made you.

When we celebrate Father's Day tomorrow, we will be thinking of you and we will cherish every breathtaking moment, because your sacrifice has taught us to capture every ounce of love and togetherness.

We are still doing everything possible to increase respect, appreciation, and awareness for the "ultimate sacrifices" that you and your brothers and sisters risk to help keep us safe. We want to help bring our law enforcement officers home safe each and everyday. Please continue to give me the strength when I get weary and discouraged at times. I so much want everyone to have the same passion that I do when it comes respect and appreciation for law enforcement.

I miss you terribly. I wish that God would bring you back.

Happy Father's Day in heaven little brother. Kiss dad for me. Here's a present for you. It's our first place winner of the "2nd Annual Rodney F. Pocceschi S.O.L.E. (Support Our Law Enforcement) Cultural Arts Contest:

Just A Little Thanks

You are brave, strong, and willing
To do what most would not dare.
I thank you for all the help
And my promise to you is, I will care!
I will obey the law,
I will respect what you do and say,
I will tell my friends to be aware of,

(written by Katelyn Lord)

When I read this, it brought me to tears. If everyone felt this way, you would still be here today with us.
It's a true winner and it's in honor of you.

sister of Rodney F. Pocceschi EOW 6/23/03
Jaclyn Pocceschi Mosley
Fallen Officers Remembered, Founder & President


June 17, 2006

Gina, I am sorry I missed you this year in DC. I did make it to your brothers wall and said a prayer for him. I hope that he and Bert have met up in heaven. Knowing them they are both still patrolling up there! I hope that next year we can meet up or if you are ever in NJ please feel free to call me and maybe we can meet for lunch!

Denise Zimmerman
Surviving Spouse of NJ State Trooper Bert Zimmerman 2-5-04

May 15, 2006

We had our annual Memorial Service at Headquarters a few days ago.... as always, it was an honor to be a part of this reflective period in our lives where we concentrate all our thoughts and prayers on your sacrifice that day. God bless you and your family.

Officer K Sanchez

May 15, 2006

I was able to make the trip to D.C. to place my homemade wreath above your name Rod. I placed your wedding picture inside the wreath. That is one of the two times in your life that I saw you glow. Your wedding day is one and I know you were glowing the day you found out that your son was going to be okay after his birth.

The sadness at the wall is overwhelming. Even though 3 years has almost come to pass, you feel for the friends, family, and coworkers of the officer that has just been added to the wall this year. It is very hard to see it. I watched the hugs, the tears, the memorabilia being placed below the name. I left Devon's poem next to your name with a picture of the girls. It is the last picture the girls ever got of you and them alone.

It was very peaceful sitting along the wall after the Police Unity Tour ceremony was over. I found an inner peace being able to look at your picture and take time to sit and remember you.

I was not able to stay for the rest of the weekend's ceremonies.

Your brother-in-law is now a constable. He rode in from the Unity Tour on the opposite side. I didn't get to see him enter. I am very proud of his 3rd year accomplishment of riding. It is very special this year because he now rides as part of law enforcement. It is hard that Jacci and I cannot be there to see him in uniform tonight during the candlelight vigil.

Please watch over all those officers tonight. I will be thinking of you this evening when the sun sets. I will light a candle tonight in your memory.

Remember that my blue light burns in my window everyday for you Rod. I miss you very much. I'm okay though. I'm happy to be closer than ever with your wife. I hope we can keep that friendship forever as we watch your son grow and become more and more like you.

Hug and Kiss Dad for me too.


Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of VA Beach Fallen Officer Rodney Pocceschi

May 13, 2006

Gina & Family -

I was a collegue of your husband's and I just wanted to send my thoughts to you and your family. I stop by ODMP often since it was almost a year ago that we lost a friend to the family - Officer Steve Gaughan. It is a pain that I wish on no one.

Take peace in knowing that your brother is watching over you and your family. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you.

Susan Keifline
Greenbelt, MD

May 11, 2006

Lost But not forgotten!!!!! God Bless

Former AUX VBPD and PDO

May 9, 2006

I stop by often to read about the heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice. After reading about the latest line of duty tragedy, I always come to your page Rod. Every time I read new reflections about you, I remember you clear as day, standing on the softball field, smiling so wide when you talked about Carson. I hope he will know what a great man his father was. I've got your sticker on my truck, and people sometimes stop me in parking lots and ask, "Did you know him?" And I am proud to say, "Yes, I did." Rod, you will never be forgotten.

Wife of a VBPD brother in blue

May 8, 2006

April 27, 2006

Dear "little" brother:

I still miss you more than words can say.

If you've been watching over me, then you know that I've been busy. I'm on my phone, fax, and computer constantly trying to make a difference; trying to save other families from the tragedy of a "line of duty" death. And, sometimes, I get very weary, and frustrated, and then...I just look at your picture and I can continue. We're planning the 2nd Annual Golf Tournament in your honor. We've just finished judging the cultural arts contest and i must say that I am so very proud of the students; we're getting them to think "respect, honor, and appreciate our law enforcement". We're donating bullet proof vests and scholarships. We're contacting our local police departments and telling them about our organization "Fallen Officers We want to help bring our Law Enforcement Officers home safe everyday!

John has been preparing for the Unity Tour ride. He is committed to ride a year for every year you lived!

Your nieces were doing a speech about a toy pair of handcuffs and they made up a story about you and how much they love and miss you. They always ask if they can listen to the one tape recording that mom made when we were little when you were singing " Oh my Santa Claus", and "God's like a circle" (your version of words). That tape is more valuable to me than my house. If only there were more; but there would never be enough.

You live on every day inside us...we will never stop missing or loving you.

Kiss dad, uncle johhny, uncle arthur, grandma & pop and uncle Larry. You are all safe now.

Keep watching over us and keep us safe.

Thank you for direction and purpose in life.

love ya
qua xoxo

Fallen Officers Remembered

April 27, 2006

I only met you once but I remember that day. My family and I were at Fazolli's. You and your partner stopped by to grab some lunch. You knew my dad and came over and talked with us. Your son was only a couple of months old at the time. You were so excited to tell us about him. You didn't even mind getting up in the middle of the night with him! You enjoyed the bonding. You were a great father. Even though I was only 15, I could see how much you loved him by the look in your eyes.
The other day, I was working and I saw your wife and son. It's hard to believe that you have been gone this long. He certainly much bigger than what you described to us! He was so full of energy and life. Life that you died to help protect. I was there at the candlelight vigile on Dam Neck. I ride with the officers in your memory. It never seems to be enough. No matter how much I do in your memory and in other fallen officers', it will never amount to the ultimate sacrifice that you gave to protect us: your life. Thank you so much.

An Officer's Daughter

April 25, 2006

Rodney, Easter is tomorrow and we are all thinking of you and Dad. I know you have just met Uncle Arthur at the gates of heaven and dad's family grows bigger up there and is very small down here now.

During this easter holiday, I'm going to ask that all of you look down on the Pocceschi family for strength. We are all still grieving over Uncle Arthur's passing and Aunt Marion is so lonely without her husband of 50 years. His sisters are beside themselves. I can see the loneliness they feel in their eyes.

Everyone is growing up so fast and the time is going by quickly now. I still think about you at least 3 times a day.

I'm sending you a big hug and kiss from all of us. Tell dad I'm thinking of him too because his 13 year anniversary of his death is next week (April 21st). I still remember him dancing around when his football teams would be winning and getting all happy.

I love you very much.

Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of Officer

April 15, 2006

Hi Uncle Rodney,
I wanted to share this poem with the world. I read this at our poetry premier in school. I felt the one poem I was supposed to read was not good so I thought about this one in one day. I thought of you and the memory of your death and this all came back to me. I love and miss you very much. Your godchld, my sister, Lauren, thinks of often. My mom tells me that there isn't a day that goes by that she doesn't think of you. She misses you very much. I worry that when she reads things like this that she will cry but she has moved passed this and is happy knowing that you are in a better place than we are. Aunt Jacci cries all the time.

Please watch over all of us. This world has become a scary place with the war in Iraq and executions. I'm very scared. All the violence has to stop. Can you please talk with God to make this happen? I beg you.

Here is my poem: I LOVE AND MISS YOU!!!


I walked into the church
To see the people standing in a line
Saying there sorry to family members
The family members all mine

I didn’t understand,
Why were all of these people here?
Shaking hands
Some of them in tears

What was everyone looking at?
So I walked up to see
But what I saw was horrifying
Then it hit me

There he was
Right before my eyes
Lying there stone cold
And I knew he would never again rise

Lying there in his police uniform
2 guards by his side
It was such a shock to me
I could have died

Just as finding the entrance on the day of his birth
On June 23, 2003
He found the exit from this earth

I hear all of these whispers
“Killed in the line of duty,” all the people say
Yes, he was my uncle and an officer
As for the person that killed him, I want them to pay

Now let this be a lesson to you
When you’re eating food out
That this is what could happen
When a mere traffic stop turns into a shoot out

Written by Devon Boyle (age 14, niece of VA Beach Fallen Officer, Rodney F Pocceschi)

Devon Jessica Boyle
Niece of Officer

March 14, 2006


I know you did what you loved and am proud to say I got to know you so well. You took me under your wing at school and helped me through many growing pains. You always worked to make a difference and worked hard. I hope only the best for your family. I think of all the nights working with you at Good Old Days and the fun we had. Keep watching over all that love you, you are missed.

Rob Burns
Bloomsburg Univ. friend

Rob Burns

March 10, 2006

I an a Pennsylvaina State Trooper, a soldier of the law. To me is entrusted the honor of the force. I must serve honestly, faithfully, and if need be LAY DOWN MY LIFE rather than swerve from the path of duty. It is my duty to obey the law and enforce it without any consideration of class, color, creed, or condition. And at all times so conduct myself that the honor of the force may be upheld.

Officer Pocceschi did not swerve from the path of duty. He laid down his life and I thank him for doing so. Godspeed Officer Pocceschi Rest In Peace.

Pennsylvania State Police

March 9, 2006

You are still thought of every live on in each of us.

VBPD Officer

February 12, 2006

Dear Little Brother:

Your nieces miss you terribly. The "bug" was only 2 when you left us and she asks for you and misses you even more now. Both of them constantly ask to watch the last video we ever made with you in it; you were playing with them out in the yard and having races. Then you picked them up and kind of hung them upside down....which they got a kick out of. Who knew that it would be the last time we ever saw you alive.

I'm sad for your brothers and sisters bro, they are the "taken for granted, forgotten" heroes" who also fight a war everyday: crime. There seems to be little appreciation and respect. We are trying earnestly to help change this and I know that it will take time.

My nightmares are back about your death....the details play in my dreams like a movie. Wish the 2 scumbags that played a role in your death had to deal with the pain that we deal with. Judges and jurors give leniency for their "tough life" and now we are paying for it. Our life wasn't the easiest, but we made good choices. Judges and jurors and lawmakers are sending the wrong message; no wonder why crime is increasingly more violent.
Sometimes I ask myself what the lawmakers are on; our justice system just does not seem fair!

Most people only know that you died; they don't have to deal with the horrific details of how you were killed.

The girls keep asking when they are going to see you again, and I keep telling them that God must decide. Sometimes they still cry themselves to sleep because they miss you. They will always know who you are and remember you.

We love and miss you more everyday.
Kiss dad for us.


Fallen Officers Remembered

February 11, 2006

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