Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Rodney Fredderick Pocceschi

Virginia Beach Police Department, Virginia

End of Watch Monday, June 23, 2003

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Reflections for Police Officer Rodney Fredderick Pocceschi

I'm sorry the loss of this fine officer. His sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Adams County

June 23, 2007




June 23, 2007

Well Brother its been 4 years. I can not believe it. It seems like yesterday that I was awoken at 4:13A.M. by the phone call. I can only hope and pray thats the last one of those I will get during my career. The 28 (along with who ever else is off on the department) is getting together tomorrow night at Murphys as we have done the past 3 years to celebrate your time here. I am sure there will be plenty of beers flowing and way too many tears flowing...Rod we love you brother...not because of how you died, but because of how you served and protected us and the citizens of virginia beach!...Love ya Bro


June 22, 2007

Dear little brother:

Tomorrow is Father's Day and next week will be four years since you left us. It still seems like yesterday. We miss you you terribly and still seem to have trouble dealing with the reality at times.

I wonder what you'd be doing tomorrow to celebrate your day. I'm sure that you will be watching over your little guy, who seems to be doing very well (he's in great hands)

I am praying for the families who have lost their loved one and will not be able to spend "Father's Day" with their father...especially the children who do not understand why.

I miss you bro, with all my heart....

As we celebrate tomorrow, there is no doubt that we all will be remembering and missing you.

Everytime I kiss or hug my children, I think about the parents who are no longer here to be able to do I do it more and more and I thank God, everytime, that I am still here to be able to show my love to them. Each and every time, I feel like you are there with me watching over them and me and smiling.

Give dad a hug and a kiss for me; I miss him too.

Miss you so much..........


Fallen Officers Remembered

June 16, 2007

It seems that little time is left these days to reflect upon memories of all that I cherished with you. I felt rushed in trying to be part of Police Week because we didn't have much time to spend there and it rained when we did have the time. I see so many officers names written below yours now. How terrible it is to see such a thing knowing that all those men/women in blue are gone from this earth due to tragic line of duty deaths.

I stare at this picture on ODMP and try to remember your smile. I see it! I wish I could give you a big hug.

I wear our Fallen Officers Remembered pins (that we had made and sell on our website) because it helps me feel like you are close to me. I have your picture on my pendant on my purse so it goes everywhere with me. The FOR pin relfects what Jacci and I do and how we honor your brothers and sisters in blue.

My heart just ached being at the memorial wall Rod. I saw a girl go up to her brother and yell at him to ask, "Are you crying?" He couldn't have been more than 11 or 12. She was about 14 or 15. As they probably stood next to a relatives name written on the wall, the girl told her brother to not cry because they had to be strong for their parents. My heart ached at that very moment and I so wanted to go hug that boy and tell him he could cry. I felt sorry for the girl having to feel like she had to hold it all in. I hope the conferences they would hopefully attend at C.O.P.S. would help them.

I saw Fairfax County officers next to your name where the two names of the officers killed in 2006 were placed. I remember that news report about those two. My heart ached for them too.

My heart feels pain for all those that have lost an officer so tragically. I wish I could say something that would take their pain away. Time is the only thing.

Please send me a big hug in my dreams. Today is National Peace Officers Memorial Day so I had to write to you.

I miss you and so does my family. I will bring them to the wall some day. I want my girls to be prepared for the overpowering sorrow you feel when you first see a loved ones name on the wall. They will see it though, someday.

Keep us all safe Little Brother.

Hugs and Kisses to you and Dad.

Your big sister,

Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of this man, Rodney

May 15, 2007

Dear Big, little brother:

I sit here tonight looking at your picture and thinking of all the things about you that I miss so much....everything.

I could still cry everyday when I think about you, but I don't let's too painful still.

I read the names of the brave, wonderful officers who have joined and continue to join you. With each and every notice I get, I remember, I re-live, and I relate 100% to what these families and friends are going thru and I share their pain. I pray for them and pray that they find peace thru God.

I pray that they too, become pro-active in somehow supporting and helping your brothers and sisters in Blue, and somehow give back to those here and gone who have and continue to risk something so valuable for our safety....your lives.

We've donated and continue to donate bulletproof vests, and there are so many ways that all of these friends and families can make it better for the future & safety of our brave, taken-for-granted, forgotten heroes....our law enforcement officers.

Everyday, it's my promise dearest brother, to live for your cause, give back, and make a difference in honor of your wonderful (though tragic and heartbreaking) sacrifice for your community and family.

If only every citizen could truly appreciate and fully understand the gift and sacrifice that you and the other fallen officers had given, our world would be a better place.

I truly love and miss you as much and more than I did on 6/23/03. I wish it was just a dream.

Keep in touch little bro.

love always,


Fallen Officers Remembered

May 13, 2007

Hi Rod
I attended our local memorial a few days ago. It was difficult as always. Of course it made me think of you and the others who gave their all for their city. I know you are looking down at everyone and protecting from above. Police Week is next week and I know you will have fellow officers in DC thinking about you then too!

Continue to watch over them...


An Officer's Wife

May 10, 2007

I look at this site daily, if nothing else then to remind me of the sacrifice that has been paid and to reflect on why we do what we do. I have been to Virginia Beach and my sister is moving back there after a short stay back here in Indiana. She misses the area and when we recently discussed her moving back the incident that caused all of this was brought up again as she lived there when it occurred and remembers it well.

I can tell from the memorials left that you were a great officer who cared about your community. That you were a husband, father, brother, son well loved and respected by your family. I know they miss you and think about you every day. I am sorry you had to pay the price for another criminal who just couldn't walk the straight and narrow. We all know the price that may be asked of us one day and all willingly put on the uniform every day/evening/night and go out and do what must be done.

Thank you for your sacrifice and for keeping the streets safe. Our family will say a prayer tonight again for you, your wife, your family, and your son. Please know that we as brothers and sister in blue NEVER forget. We will always be here for you.

Fort Wayne Police Department

April 27, 2007

Rod we still think of you everyday and miss you dearly. Please continue to protect us from up above.


April 21, 2007

Dear Rod:

I miss you, your laugh and your big bearhugs! I wonder what conversations I have missed, pictures, moments, etc....I can only imagine.

It's so hard to love someone so much for 33 years and then all of the sudden, unexpectedly, they are completely gone from your life. I miss you terribly, but i'm doing the best I can.

my love for you is undying, neverending.

love and remember ya always,


Fallen Officers Remembered

March 18, 2007

Maria...Hugs...I hope you got the book "Intra Muros" I sent to you when this all happened...I hope it comforted you to read it.
I continued to get visions after I contacted you...mainly visions of Rod working with children on the other side.
I believe in eternity, and I believe that the soul goes on to live in the spirit form in Gods Realm of Light and Love.
I dont know what you thought of what I said and sent you way back when things happened, but I was so overwhelmed with intense emotions and visions I had to contact you. I hear the song "Calling All Angels" by Train and I still think of you, Carson, and Rod. That was the song out at that time and it clung to Rod and what had happened.

I no longer live in Virginia Beach, I had to move away, but my heart still goes out to you, Carson and Rods family.
He has a very deep, sincere and steadfast love for his family which is why I guess I connected, because I am very sensitive.

I am a mom of two children too and they are also able to see and know things as well.

I know time can't completely heal what the heart holds for pain...but the knowlage that there is heaven...that Rod does continue to live on the other side in the beauty he exists true and very real...

Others see it as well!!....

This little girl is only 12...but she started "seeing" when she was 4.

God Bless and Keep!
Jeanene Milanak

Jeanene Milanak
Just a friend

February 26, 2007

God Bless this fine man and his family. The travesty leading to his death happened all too close to my own home. I honor his service and sacrifice. He represented the best of America.

LCDR Tom Bush
US Navy

February 24, 2007

Hi Rod,

Well I am back again... seems I just cant stay away! I see your sisters are checking in faithfully as always... I know they miss you, how could they not. We miss you here in VB and some of us didnt even know you. It hurts my heart every time I hear of another officer dying a senseless death. Of course I come here and visit you then! Look down on your fellow brothers in blue... they need you!


An Officer's Wife

February 21, 2007

Have a Happy Valentine's Day...............

February 14, 2007

Hi little brother,

It seems that time just keeps moving on but you are still in my thoughts everyday. I see so much of you in your son and sometimes your personality comes through my own daughter. Tom said today how much our daughter is like you, "Stubborn".

Your family is all in good health. Well, the many that I speak too. You know whom I don't speak too and you understand why.

Your wife is wonderful and we have come to be good friends. I truly believe you sent her the perfect man to take care of your son. He is a wonderful person. Your son will have a great life, thanks to the policemen that watch over him and all his family.

We were all so happy when your wife finally came back to the area with your son. He was too young and hyper to take the travel time before but she did it this year for Thanksgiving. Aunt Lucy just cried when she saw him walking up the sidewalk. She enjoyed every moment with him. She can never mention your name without tears. I know she thought of you as a son. She took care of you like you were hers.

Jacci continues to make me so proud of what she does, for the love of officers. She spends countless hours researching and doing fundraisers to see that our officers are safe and appreciated. It is people like her that make a good difference in this world. You are probably so proud too when you watch her. I know you do watch over us. I do feel your presence at times.

Can you ask God if he can find a better way to protect our officers from criminals? We are losing so many good officers and the laws just are NOT catching up with passing a stricter punishment for those that hurt you. We need to change that. So please talk with him about this before we wind up having so many more criminals slip through the system and so many many more officers lose their lives.

I miss you alot, as always. Keep watching over us.

Love you,
Big Sis Gina

Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of VA Beach Fallen Officer Rodney Pocceschi

January 14, 2007

Dear Little Brother:

This Christmas Eve & Christmas was the 4th one without you. Though the days are difficult enough, the holidays are far worse and will never ever be complete without you.

"The bug" was crying on the way to our yearly meeting place, she's only 5 now but she remembers you and she knows that we always got together on Christmas Eve. She misses you often and still cries for you. She wanted to go to the cemetary but fell asleep before we got there.

I keep telling her that you want her to remember you but not to be sad and that someday you will see her again. I tell her that you want her to be a good person and do good things and that you are always watching over her.

It's hard to walk thru the door still and not see you or hear your laugh...silly as it was.

I often wonder who or what you'd be today...though I'm sure you'd still be doing great things and making positive influences on others.

It amazes me the battles that you've survived and the one that you lost. Sometimes it just doesn't make sense why?

You are great Rod and you did great are my inspiration.

Still missing you
your sis xoxo


Fallen Officers Remembered

January 1, 2007

HAPPY NEW YEAR RODNEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 1, 2007






December 27, 2006

MERRY CHRISTMAS ROD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

December 24, 2006

Dear "little" brother:

Today is dad's birthday and you are fortunate enough to be able to spend it with lucky you are.

Give him a big hug and kiss for all of us and tell him how much we love and miss him too.

Thank you for watching over us and for helping us with helping to keep our law enforcement officers safe. I've been praying and praying and the organization is finally getting the attention it needs. We have been on radio, tv, and in the newspapers constantly in our major efforts to increase respect, appreciation and loyalty for law enforcement. I am driven and will not give up. This, the organization, is a major important part of my life. I will make a difference for your brothers and sisters in law enforcement. We got our first "Adopt a Cop" sponsor and I have been working so very hard with many important media contacts so that we can continue to donate vests. I never realized that the need here locally is so huge and wonder how it is in other counties and states.

I cannot believe what an officer has to go thru in order to have a protective vest provided for him/her....those whose departments do not have the funds. I cannot believe that officers have to apply for a grant and it has to be worded just right and that the response often takes months...this is someone's life that is being played around with. Law Enforcement Officers should not have to go thru grants for's all a word/money game. This, I hope to someday soon change. I cannot rest knowing such nonsense.

On another note, I got to see your little one the other was such a wonderful, wonderful surprise! He looks just like you and he acts like you...what a cutie!
He is doing very well and he is so smart. I love him dearly.

I miss you more and more each day. You are my continued inspiration.

all my love, hugs and kisses.


Fallen Officers Remembered

December 1, 2006

Rod, I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. The field training you gave me and the time we rode together will never be forgotten. Your dedication to this department and your family was remarkable. Your training has most likely saved my life and others many times over. There are very few days that I don't think of you. I have carried your remembrance coin for every tour since you passed. That keeps me safe and lets me know that your are watching over all of your brothers here in Virginia Beach.

Officer TJ Schultz

November 27, 2006


I stopped by the cemetary to say hi. I see you made Michigan kick Notre Dame's butt on Saturday Sept. 16th. Your wife sent me a Who Hoo! She was happy.

Our golf tournament just isn't taking off the way we would hope it would. It seems that the support here isn't like all the support you get out in VA Beach. We fax things to police department and it just gets tossed away. No one even thinks about it. I need you to help me figure out a way to reach out to everyone so we can get all these officers a vest. So many of them don't have them. We want them protected. Our golf tournament just didn't raise enough money to make a dent in the request.

Saturday was a tiring day. I wanted to take time to remember your day but was very busy. Jacci and I know we need to push on and hope to get more help. It just takes time to get our name out there. We get last page news. We actually need front page news so everyone can see it.

Tv stations only come out when they want to talk badly about the police. Not very often when something good is happening. One station did come out to show us donating our first bullet proof vest to an officer. That was because the news guy was related to one of the dept. officers.

Anyway, I miss you very much. I keep wishing I could have memories that are recent and not ones that become long ago memories as the years go on. Your son is so big and smart. He looks so much like you. I love seeing him.

Life is good here and I am thankful for my families health. We struggle with other things as do other families and I am coping.

There still isn't a day that goes by that I don't think of you. I know your coworkers think of you as often as I do.

I love you little brother.
Love, Big Sis Gina

Gina Pocceschi Boyle
Sister of Officer

September 18, 2006

I stop by here every time I come to this site Rod... I cannot seem to help myself.

I sit and I read.. and I cry. I cry for the loss of you and what you meant to your family and friends. Even though we did not know each other your death touched me in ways you cannot imagine.

I cannot figure out why I think of you so often except perhaps that you were around my age when you were killed and yours was the first LEO funeral I attended. I am sorry you have that honor. I wish we could have met. I can see by your sisters reflections what a guy you must have been.

Your family was and still is very dedicated to you. I know they miss you deeply and never go to sleep that they haven't thought of you.

I attend our memorial every year and its when your name is read and your flower presented on the wreath that I begin to lose it. I say a prayer for you every time I pass by your memorial on Dam Neck Rd.

Know that the officers and their families here never forget you and thank you for the sacrifice you made that day. Even during your final moments you were thinking of those you vowed to serve and protect.

You are a true hero. Heroes never die they live forever in our hearts.


An Officer's Wife

July 28, 2006

I saw your website "Fallen Officers Remembered" today. It brought tears to my eyes. What a beautiful site and a wonderful tribute to your brother.
I rarely come onto this site, it's must too painful for me, but I wanted to come and read about your loved one.
I am touched by the amount of love in this site and the site you created. I know the grief you have in your heart, for I feel it as well. My fiance was also shot and I feel your pain and share your tears.
I read that you have supported and love your brothers wife and son, what a beautiful gift to them. I can't tell you enough how much those hugs and kisses to her mean.
Your brother will never be forgotten, and will always be remembered.
I hope the prayers of those like me, surround you and support you in this quest you take on to support the law enforcement community that still picks up the torch daily to protect us from those that intend to do harm. I will pray for you daily.
God Bless You!

Fiancee of deceased LEO

July 3, 2006


We responded to many calls, conducted many traffic stops, played many rounds of golf, and drank many beers. We shared many dreams and confided in one another many times. We were always there for each other and I would give anything to have been there for you that night…to have your back the way we had each other’s back many times before.

I miss you (God knows how I miss you)…I thank you…and I love you my brother-in- blue!!


June 23, 2006

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