Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Investigator Brandon Heath Thacker

Kentucky Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, Kentucky

End of Watch Thursday, April 16, 1998

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Reflections for Investigator Brandon Heath Thacker

Dear Brandon,
Joyce and I have thought of you often since our time together in Brussels. We wondered what had become of you and how you were doing. John Fenimore just called and informed me of what happened. There's so much I'd like to say to you, but most significantly I think is that I would like you to know that I was proud to know you as a person and glad to have had the privilege to serve with you in the US Army. You were a wonderful person, an outstanding soldier and an example to others. Joyce, JJ, Doug and I will always cherish and be greatful for the times we had together, Thanksgiving dinner and our trip to Euro-Disney. Take care my friend,

Jay A. Reyes, Chief of Police, Derby, Ks
Former Agent in Charge, Protective Services Unit, USMILREP, NATO

May 31, 2006

Just found out last evening of your fate... Ironically on Memorial Day. Although it has been almost 14 yrs since we last crossed paths you have been in our memories often, from our Service in the 66th MP Company in Karlsruhe GE to our time in Protective Services in Brussels. Your constant smile, yet great professionalism has and will always be what set you apart. I hope that your family and friends remind your daughter of what your life was all about... Honesty, integrity and living life to it's fullest.

Terri Fenimore
Spc MP Corp (1988-1992)

May 30, 2006


Today is Easter and it has been eight (8) years since you departed this life. I think of you often. Especially being deployed to Afghanistan I have time to reflect on a lot of things. You were truly a great good and one of good people in life. You are sorely missed by all that knew you. Until we meet again.

Take care my friend,


Major Shon Adams
Military Police Corps (Afghanistan)

April 15, 2006

I miss you.
Some days I feel I would give almost everything to be with you, talk to you, feel your skin, and hear your voice, know your thoughts.
Since your death, I have not know but maybe 2 people who could come close to having the character and sense of values that you had. The prosecutor who fought for justice, for you, your family, is one person, the 2nd, COPS.
Why is it the great ones, not just the good ones, but the GREAT ones leave this earth so soon?
YOU are missed each and every day. You always will long as I am here!

March 3, 2006

You are, by far, the most honest and decent person I've ever known...honest in a good way, (you wouldn't tell me I'm fat) but honest in the sense that you would never cheat or take something that wasn't rightfully yours, you would never take advantage of someone when they are weak, and would never intentionally deceive someone(except when working under cover, but that was for the total diminish crime).
Our world desperately needs more people like you, brave ones who are so smart and have such a good sense of right and wrong, and are willing to take a stand for what is good and right. This need for good and strong people makes your death more difficult to understant. Why YOU?
I once felt so safe when you were in this world. I knew there was someone fighting for all that was good. I will never know that "safe" feeling again.
I miss you. I miss hearing your jokes, your laugh, your songs.
I wish I didn't have to miss you.

February 25, 2006

I couldn't help but think this morning how pleased you must be that Katherine is involved with Concerns of Police Survivors. On the drive to school, she told me how fun COPS Kids is because, "all the officers give me piggy back rides."
I know that those are piggy back rides she'll never get from you, and I imagine she must think of you, knowing that you would be giving her a piggy back ride while wearing your badge, if you could. How blessed we are that she gets them....from people who choose to be there for her, in place of you, even if only for a brief time. Those officers can never know how much it means to our Katherine that they give her a piggy back ride.
You always promised to take care of us, and I know that you are! Miss you every moment. All my love!

February 22, 2006

As we journey on thru 2006, the memories and Love for Brandon has not faded. We imagine him sitting and talking with his Grandmother that went to Heaven in Feb. 2, 2001. Brandon is still Loved and Missed......Aunt Edna

January 14, 2006

Christmas, as always, is hard without you. You always had the spirit of a child during this time of year....just wanting to GIVE and LOVE. serving at Salvation Army....loving to bake and cook for everyone....GIVING always.
I wish I could say that I felt that way this year.
I missed you and just felt cheated! I feel so cheated.
I'm ashamed to admit that this year I didn't feel like giving, I hope you're not disappointed in me. I just couldn't find the energy this year.
Your baby, your beautiful girl, so much like you, she wanted to give and give and give. Everyone she knows, she just wanted to spread the love...she wore me out!...Did you see the note she left you in the hallway? She asked you to send her a note back.....she wants you....she needs you....I feel cheated for her!
She overheard me telling a friend that I felt "bah humbug" she asked me that that meant. I told her it meant I missed you and I was sad that you weren't here. Will it ever get easier? Will it ever seem OK? It's just not OK. It still hurts even more than it seems it should. Seven Christmas's without you. It still hurts the same.

December 26, 2005

Your beautiful daughter told me last week that she would love to have just 3 wishes.
Coming up on Christmas, I figured they would be the tangible (and most expensive) items on her Christmas list.
At first she didn't want to share her 3 wishes with me....and then she burst out (just like you would have).....

"Well OF COURSE, my first wish would be that Daddy was here with us and had never died."
Her other 2 wishes were not tangible, but beautiful and so representative of her precious spirit and of your legacy!

Thankfully, we always seem to be in the car during these talks and she could not see the tears in my eyes (proud and sad) that would most definitely be my wish too.

Christmas will never be the same without you....and your apple dumplings have been missed since our last Christmas together!...maybe this year I'll make some in memory of you.
I love you so much and miss you, I'll never stop missing you. Neither Katherine or I ever will. We both love you so deep.
Merry Christmas, Brandon. It's in Christmas that I find hope of our reunion one day.
All my love!

December 19, 2005

missing you to tears

November 15, 2005

Your birthday has just passed and Katherine's is right around the corner. October is my favorite month, because 2 of my most favorite people in the whole world were born in October.
It's still tough here without you. Never a single day passes that I don't think of you, miss you, feel that emptiness inside.
As your beautiful baby turns 9, I will remember the moment she took her first breath and the look on your face. A father could not love a child any more than you loved Katherine.
We all miss you. We always will.

October 20, 2005

No Need For Memories

If I could only turn back time
And you were here with me,
Living, laughing, loving
Oh how happy I would be!

I always will remember
The life I spent with you,
The days that you would take my hand
And say you love me too!

The dawn of each tomorrw
Brings thoughts of yesterdays,
These are the only things I have
To ease my pain away.

I can't escape the silence
Of life without you here,
I welcome you in dreams at night
In sleep there's no despair.

Yes, you have gone far away
So far away from me,
To see all heaven's glories
Twas your final destiny.

So I must wait my time to go
Then forever we will be,
The both of us together
With no need of memories.

~Iona Williams

September 1, 2005


It's time to go beyond my dreams
My midnight hour has come,
The only one regret I have is

I must walk away from time
Beyond the sunset's glow,
I love you - Yes! I love you
But without you I must go.

Weep no more when e're you think
How often you and I,
Would say a soft I love you
As we said our last goodbye.

Yes there is tomorrow
A life with God I've gained,
Had to leave, to be received
You must now remain.

I leave my footprints by your side
To be with you while I'm gone,
Tis then we'll be together
When you feel so all alone.

Let my memory guide your path
Uphill all the way,
Remember my "I love you's"
Are with you every day.

When you arrive in heaven
Together we will roam,
For now I heard God call my name

~Iona Williams

September 1, 2005

Thinking of you right now and smiling. I feel so blessed to have had you in my life, although it was not as long as I wish it could have been, I am still grateful for what it was. You were a beautiful person and you will always be missed and loved.

August 24, 2005

7 Years, and people (who have never experienced a tragic loss) think it should be over...the grief, the missing you, even the remembrance of you.
It could be one hundred years and your memory would still vibrate inside of me.
I miss you more than mere words could say. Each and every day, my heart aches for you.
Once upon a time, each day was another wonderful day spent with you, filled with laughter, smiles!
Now, every day lived without you is one day closer to you, in my mind. I wish I didn't even have to know one day without you. It's agony. For all of us who love you, it's just not the same.

August 14, 2005

No farewell words were spoken, no time to say good-by, you were gone before we knew it and only God knows why.

June 24, 2005

It's been over 7 years and your daughter is growing so "wonderfully", so why am I sitting here now, crying as I look at your picture and remember your laugh??? Well It's because you are more to me than a are more to me than 20 years in prison (as was the sentence for the monster that murdered you), you are more to me than living a second on this earth and not cherishing your life. You laughed so often, you loved so much, you brought happiness to many.
Your death will always haunt me but your love will always lift me. I FEEL you when I cry and I FEEL you when I'm frustrated with parenting. I FEEL you when I call your name asking for guidance... I know that you are still with me.

It sucks SO SO MUCH that our baby girl, well she's not so much a baby now, has to grow up without you and your love. She was just looking through some of your things and asking about you and your work. Your time in the military and at NATO. I told her how special you are and she is so proud of you. As she should be. I am proud of you. Just wish I could tell you in your ear as I kiss your cheek. I deserve that. I wish I could just kiss you on your cheek and tell you I love you and I'm proud of you. I miss you. Your whole family misses you.

June 7, 2005

Even though you didn't know me and I didn't know you, words cannot express the frustration and helplessness I felt as I treated you in the ambulance that day. I was with you when you left this mortal world to be with our Lord and Saviour. The events of that day are forever branded in my mind and I'll never forget you. As a Paramedic and a former Deputy Sheriff I have been involved in two fellow officer shooting deaths. Both were senseless killings for no apparent reason. Our loss is Heaven's gain. To your Family " Keep the Faith and know that Brandon is watching over You" God Bless-- Phil Ramage

Phillip R. Ramage EMT-P 1017-P
Lyon County EMS (retired)

June 6, 2005

When ever I look at your picture, when I see your face, my first reaction is to laugh. I see your smile and your eyes and I know there is funny story behind them. There always was some funny thought, story, idea....It always feels good to look at your picture, your smile, your thoughtful brown eyes.
How I wish your smile were so close I could touch your lips...your eyes so close I could feel your breath, your voice so close, I would be sure my mind is not playing tricks on me when I hear you say, "I love you" or "I'm proud of you". I remember your breath, your laugh, your smile, your voice, and the way you looked at me through those deep eyes of yours. I miss you, Brandon. What I'd give to go back in time and have you here, in the flesh. I love you Bran.

May 31, 2005

You continue to inspire me and it's the love you gave to me, the hunger you had for truth and justice, the selflessness you demonstrated and the honest and honorable person you just were. You didn't aim to be that way, you simply WERE that way. You knew no other way other than truth and justice. Books are written teaching people how to have the values and morals that you had.

You continue to inspire me to do my best every day. To reach out and always do what is RIGHT even if it's not popular. I love you for being you and I am so blessed that I was able to know you, to love you, to be loved by you, and to watch you hold and love our baby girl. This world would shine a bit brighter if you were still living....I look forward to our reunion, because I miss you so much every day. EVERY SINGLE DAY!

May 20, 2005



April 13, 2005

It's closing in on 7 years since you were senselessly and mercilessly killed.
7 long years and the *missing you* never gets never goes away. You are never out of my immediate thought, you have never left my heart. The brokenness of our life can never be repaired.
Oh, if only others could have heard Katherine talking tonight at Girl Scouts, sharing about their parent's careers, she talked about her dad, the police officer.....and the girls started heart sank. She didn't talk about how it made her feel, but a part of me was proud that she felt comfortable sharing you...yet another part of me felt so sad that it raises eyebrows just for her to mention YOU, her father, her daddy, the man who loved, loves her so are so much a part of her...such a shame she'll never know just how much of you she has within her.
I found myself in envy of all the other mom's, the other girls, who don't have a story like our's. The girls who get to know their dad. the mom's who get to raise their children with the help of Dad.
I miss you, Bran.

March 22, 2005

UK won another one today. Everytime I watch a game it makes me think about you, I know how much you enjoy the Cats.

Special Agent D. Louis Mitchell
FBI Miami Div/Palm Beach Resident Agency

February 26, 2005


February 1, 2005

Missing you greatly. As the snow fell today, we bundled up and enjoyed the snow on our eyelashes and cheeks and Katherine stuck her tongue out to catch as many snowflakes as she could, and we fell down and made snow angels, and built a snowwoman....I remember that last winter we spent together, I recall you shoveling the drive ....shoveling a path in the yard for Duke, and I remember all 3 of us outside, enjoying the snowfall. Katherine, getting to experience and enjoy it for the first time. You were always able to make the simple things seem new and wonderful and special. Merry Christmas, Brandon. This was your favorite holiday and I miss spending it with you. As always, we miss you more than mere letters and words could describe. Love you

December 22, 2004

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