Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Guy P. Gaddis

Houston Police Department, Texas

End of Watch Monday, January 31, 1994

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Reflections for Police Officer Guy P. Gaddis

RIP Brother, As Mrs. Clark stated... "May Justice be served today"

SGT Charlie K. Free
Former Member of 978th MP Company (Served w/ Officer Gaddis)

January 22, 2014

I was a young mom and HPD Officers wife the day Officer Gaddis was killed. I am so proud of my husband and all HPD Officers. I only wish Guy and his family could have had a different story of his life. I have followed this story for 20 years and it still chills me to the bone. I am happy this day has finally come. God Bless The Gaddis family and May Guy continue to watch and protect over you.


January 22, 2014

En Estados Unidos,,, el que la hace la paga,, y desgraciadamente es lo que pasar con Tamayo,,, es culpable y tiene que pagar,, ojala aqui en Mexico hubiera esta clase de decisions,,,, god bless America,, god bless Guy Family


January 22, 2014

rest in peace my brother.
I was just a little boy when we lost you, and now as a man... im in the academy getting ready to become an officer... you, along with all of our other fallen... will be in my mind and heart... I will dedicate my service to you all.
Man may escape justice here on earth... but none will evade the justice of our all mighty god.

r.i.p. Officer Gaddis. my prayers to you and your family.

Cadet B. Lugo
HCC Police Academy Class 13c

January 22, 2014

I just found this page.. I will forever pray for Stephanie & Rose & the rest of the Gaddis Family!!!
Guy I have a lot of love & respect for you!!!
You & Rose were one of the sweetest people I have ever met!!!
I have a lot of memories in the short time we were neighbors!!!
Both my sons Rudy & Manuel loved you very much!!!
Joe & I Both love & appreciate all the kindness you both showed us & our sons!!!
You truly are a HERO!! You will be FOREVER LOVED & MISSED!!
Stephanie your Dad Truly was an amazing Person!! He was SO PROUD WHEN HE FOUND OUT HE & your MOM WAS EXPECTING!!!
You will never be forgotten!!!
Rose if you get a chance come by we still live on Gillen ;)
Stephanie I would love to meet you!!!
Love Always ♥️

Anna Guzman
Neighbor / Friend

January 22, 2014

I come from a law enforcement family, San Antonio Police Dept). I am also prior law enforcement, and am Hispanic. I don't feel any compassion for Tamayo, nor his family. If i could i would be in Huntsville, cheering on his execution. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE WAY, OUR COUNTRY DEALS WITH KILLERS, THEN STAY THE **** OUT OF IT. Rest in peace, thank you for your service in the service and in Houston.


January 22, 2014

Prayers to your family today. You all are in our prayers.

Margaret M.

January 22, 2014

I hope and pray Governor Perry doesn't succumb to the pressure. Hopefully justice will be served today. God bless you and you family. "Blessed are the Peacekeepers, for they shall be call children of God."

SPO John Huston
Houston PD

January 22, 2014

I hope and pray that your family find peace after justice is served later today.

R Carroll
North Carolina

January 22, 2014

You are remembered.

Police Officer
Mesquite (TX) Police Department

January 22, 2014

I'm Mexican, and I think the official Guy P. Gaddis had a short life, and his death was senseless.

Mr. Tamayo he committed a crime and should definitely pay that penalty.

A Family Guy Gaddis official wish your heart be at peace.

To the family of Mr. Tamayo seek peace in your heart and you must not share the blame for their actions. Tamayo with his actions came to this point of no return for years ripped a life and death but I do not return, somehow closes a cycle.

juan luis

January 22, 2014

RIP Officer Gaddis. I hope that Justice is served today despite the slight opposition. Tears flowed when I read the reflections on here, especially from your daughter... You are one of countless many that have died heroes... God Bless...

Mrs. Sarah J. Haney
Private concerned citizen

January 22, 2014

May justice be served today, you & your family are in my prayers.

Mrs. Clark
HPD Widow

January 22, 2014

I just finished reading all of these posts and feel that truly the world lost a wonderful person the night that this tragedy, no murder took place. I am appalled that our secretary of state (never thought much of the man to begin with - his military service record is shameful - him for secretary of state is a joke) would speak up for the man who did this. It is overwhelmingly sad to me that such a wonderful man lost his life for doing his duty and serving his community by being shot in the back of his head. I feel the state of Texas has supported this person long enough. May God have mercy on his soul but I have no problem with the state ending his life.

No rank. Just a concerned citizen
USA Citizen speaking up for Justice

January 22, 2014

Here in Mexico everyone on the news talk about this day, the execution of Tamayo and the needing of help for him and his family, also the talking about the diplomatic repercussions this case has, but the thing is that every person needs no matter what: JUSTICE. And as it has been proved if he is guilty, he needs to pay by law.

God bless Guy´s family and friends, and blessings come to you

Ana Arellano

January 22, 2014

I worked with Guy at Beechnut and he was always a pleasure to be around. You have been missed and will never be forgotten. Like many, I will never forget the day you were taken from us. Many of your brothers and sisters will be in Huntsville today to support your family. RIP brother until we meet again.

Todd Young, Sr. Police Officer
Houston Police Dept

January 22, 2014

I'm mexican (unfortunately) and I have felt the sadness and emptiness what the death of a loved may cause. I just can't imagine the pain this idiot caused to Gaddis family, but you (Tamayo) and your loved ones now will feel just the same you did, how does it feel?, God bless you Guy and your family.

George Waters

January 22, 2014

My heart hurts after reading the tragic end of a POLICE OFFICER. So many have died in the line of duty.
To mention a fallen officer is an honor.
But what about the ones he left behind?
His wife, his unborn Child, now 10 yrs.old. His parents and friends and all those people who he touched?
No one shows any mercy for them!
Unfortunately, Guy is no longer with us.
Al of those people that are demanding mercy and raising money for Tamayo's defense, would be better off supporting Guy's survivors: his family.

Pablo Lozada (fallen officer's brother)

January 22, 2014

Mexico is fighting the execution. I strongly agree, he was found guilty he must die. Now a few of our politicians are being "punked" because one feels that it could cause a threat to our citizens abroad. Maybe so, but what would happen to us if committed a capitol crime like murder a Sworn Officer of the law in their country?

A J Watkins Master Plt (Prior)
Reidsville PD

January 21, 2014

To stay the execution on a technicality is atrocious, there is not question of guilt in this case. RIP Officer Gaddis, thank you for your Brave service to our country and to my beloved state.

US Marines

January 21, 2014

I am also Mexican born, and I say make an example of this scum. We can only hope that criminals of similar or worse crimes seal the same fate. It sickening how they plea for forgiveness after committing such violent crimes. They are scum, kill each and one of them.

U.S Army

January 20, 2014

Today i was listening to a mexican radio station and they we're talking about supporting Tamayo. Well here is my opinion, I'm mexican, i don't see why they should be support. I'm sorry but he took a father,, husband, son and friend away. Im not in favor of death penalty but im not in favor of criminals either. While all this people is trying to raise money to help tamayo's family we have people who really needs it and they don't get it. Its sad see people ehycoming from Mexico and being criminals instead of working and helping who they left behind. We still ask ourselves ehy we're not being liked. Well lets thank people like tamayo.


January 17, 2014

my son a HPD officer also died in the line of duty

Police Officer
Guy P. Gaddis left a widow and his relatives mum & dad
Houston Police Department, Texas

End of Watch: Monday, January 31, 1994

Read more:

Tamayo is a native of Mazatlan, in the Mexican state of Morelos, who was convicted of the January 1994 murder of Houston police office Guy P. Gaddis.

Last month, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry wrote a letter to Texas Gov. Rick Perry and state Attorney General Greg Abbott, saying that the execution could have serious diplomatic repercussions.

If you commit this kind of despicable crime in Texas, you will be held accountable to our laws, including the maximum punishment."

I’m a retired HPD retired in Mexico
I don’t like to see people die no matter what the circumstances are.
Here in Mexico soldiers shoot zetas and other bad hombres while in custody
And almost nothing is said. There is no death penalty in this country
So you pay out in the streets one way or another
I can’t see what’s all the commotion’s is about he killed a person in cold blood,. The officer never had a chance to say good-by to his love ones.
We hear all his relatives are coming over to bid him good-by before his execution
While he was in custody he killed in cold blood and thought nothing of it, now the rooster has come to roost!
I say let Satan sort this kind of people out~

PS. What say you?
Frank Cantu’

F.Cantu retired HPD officer
a fellow officer

January 16, 2014

As a Mexican citizen i am following the story of the execution day of the person who killed Mr. Gaddis, just a few days for the execution they are gathering signitures to stop this day, then i ran in to this web site while searching for the story on what happend. while i am Reading the comments of the persons who knew him, especially the most important person who didnt had the chance to meet him, i break out in tears and hope at least justice be done, in this case they arent second chances, he must pay the ultimate Price for his actions, no mather if hes mexican or not, he hurt deeply the lifes of his family and community, rest in peace mr. Gaddis and my prayers to his family, sincerly . Fernando


January 14, 2014

So many memories of Guy. A life cut to short. He is now an angel watching over us all. May your family, friends and loved ones find peace with your passing and may justice be served in a few weeks.

Proud wife of a HPD officer
High school Friend

January 8, 2014

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