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Police Officer Eric Wayne Mumaw

Metro Nashville Police Department, Tennessee

End of Watch Thursday, February 2, 2017

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Reflections for Police Officer Eric Wayne Mumaw

I see some one misses you lots I know the pain I lost some one in a auto crash in 1995.The pain has never went away. I did not know you but I DONT HAVE TO KNOE OFFICERS. I CRY WHEN ONE GOES. I don't think the ole gal got what you should have and I can not say, Fly HIGH YOU ARE A HERO AND A ANGEL.

Anna J acobs

June 17, 2018

Well justice has been served today. Juli Glisson plead guilty to Vehicular Homicide by intoxication for your death. She was sentenced to 12 years at 30%. Not enough time to me and Not fair to your family and friends who lost you. Miss you big guy

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric W. Mumaw EOW 02/02/2017

June 12, 2018

Miss you big guy. Today you will be honored in Washington DC, i know you will be there.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric W. Mumaw EOW 02/02/2017

May 11, 2018

Just stopping by to say hello, its been a while. Miss ya bud

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric W. Mumaw EOW 02/02/2017

April 5, 2018

I went down to Peeler Park yesterday, there was a beautiful bouquet of flowers left for you and a card from a fellow officer. I know it’s hard for a lot of people to go down there because it’s the place where you lost your life. But I love that we can go down there and leave flowers at the cross I made for you. Your missed daily. Madison is not the same without you that’s for sure. Sending hugs to Heaven my friend.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

February 3, 2018

Today makes 1 year since we lost you. You are missed everyday.
Rest in Heaven my Friend.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

February 2, 2018

5 miles in your honor Sir. You are not forgotten.

Detective Michele Nelson
Riverside County Sheriff's Department

February 2, 2018

Today is one year since your tragic passing. I know the world was a better place with you in it. And I'm sure today will be a very difficult day, as every day is, for those who loved you and called you family, friend, and co-worker. Your sacrifice is not forgotten. I know you're watching those you left behind and keeping them safe. Thank you for your service.

Former sergeant C. Self
Tx Dept of Criminal Justice

February 2, 2018

Happy New Year in Heaven My friend.

Hanna Penn
Freeing of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

January 1, 2018

Merry Christmas in Heaven Eric! Still missed everyday

Hannah Penn
Friend of Officer Eric Mumaw EOW February 2, 2017

December 24, 2017

Well yesterday made 8 months, we are almost at the 1 year mark of loosing you, still feels like yesterday. If only we could turn back time. Would you still be here? I know that you would do it again if you were ever in that situation, your just that type of guy. Miss you bud.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

November 3, 2017

Just stopping in to say hello. Its hard to believe that in 4 short months it will be a year that we all lost such an amazing person. Eric you are thought of everyday. The streets of Madison are definitely not the same without you. So much had happened in the last 8 months. Miss you my friend

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

October 13, 2017

I missed posting on the 2nd with everything that is going on in the world. 8 months already. Your missed everyday.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

October 4, 2017

Whatever our duty, or wherever we serve, we are all brothers and sisters in this most honorable calling. We have lost yet another brother who we must never forget. You are a true hero Officer Mumaw.

My deepest sympathy to both his family and his law enforcement family. My thoughts and prayers are with them. May he rest in eternal peace.

Sgt. Tom Waller, Retired
Cincinnati P.D., Ret.

October 2, 2017

Well tomorrow makes 7 months, 7 months already. You are missed so much.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

September 1, 2017

It still shocks me that you are no longer with us. I mean i wouldn't want it to be anyone at all. But never in a million years did it cross my mind it was you. From the moment i woke up with you passing my house so early that fateful morning to all the police and emergency vehicles heading down to Peeler Park, to seeing the news that an officer was missing. Not once did it cross my mind it could have been you. Then to learn it was, i went in to shock. Then it came to me that if it was anyone it would be you, only because you did your job to the fullest. That was the man that you were.
You had a passion for what you did, from the many nights when we had to call you to S&S to come rescue us from some drunk person, to rescuing us from an abusive spouse, you never judged. We miss you Eric Mumaw

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

August 8, 2017

Its been 6 months today since Madison/Nashville lost a hero. You were truly one of a kind. When i got up this morning i was reflecting back on your memorial service, what an emotional and amazing tribute. You truly were our hero. Officers from all over the country were there to show support. You are missed more than you know. Soon Juli's trial will be starting, BO to the grand jury for Agg. Vehicular Homicide. I know you were just doing your job but you would still be here if it weren't for her stupidity. Miss you Eric Mumaw

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

August 2, 2017

Yesterday made 5 months since you left us. I go down to Peeler Park several times a week just to check and make sure your memorial cross is still there. I think about you all the time and the impact you had on my life. You were such a caring person. It is still hard to believe it was you. Miss you my friend

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

July 3, 2017

Its been 4 months today. Its still hard to believe that your gone. What they say is true though, the pain eases up as time goes by but you never forget.How could we forget. I was just waking up as you were going past my house. It never crossed my mind that it could have been you. You now have my Best-friend Cassandra and my Uncle Bobby up there with you. Now i know he is probably flying across that sky on his motorcycle, if you can get him to stop for a minute please give him a hug for me. And Cassandra too. I miss you all very much.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

June 2, 2017

Rest in peace my brother. God. please comfort his family and friends.

Sgt. K Ford.
NYPD (Ret)

May 20, 2017

I know that you are looking down on us all and smiling at the love shown for you. When people see me wearing your pin they always compliment how wonderful of a person and officer you were. You will always be remembered for the impact you had on so many people, myself included. When i met you 16 yrs ago you were still new to MNPD but you couldn't tell. You loved your job and you did it well. I hope you like the cross i made for you and placed at your memorial site. I miss you Eric Mumaw.

Hannah Penn
Friend of Ofc. Eric Mumaw EOW 2/2/17

May 11, 2017

Rest in peace brother and thank you for your service. As you join our brothers and sisters in the hall of heroes, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Vires et Honorem

Ptlm FrankKapusta
Mohawk PD

May 4, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with your family, friends and co-workers during this difficult time. Your service and ultimate sacrifice will never be forgotten.

ASAC, Thomas H. Kelly Jr.
Federal Air Marshal Service

April 11, 2017

Thank you for your sacrifice and may you rest in peace.

Travis D. Bird
Spotsylvania CA's Office

March 10, 2017

Session 1 of the Albany Police Academy sends its deepest condolences to the Mumaw family and the Metro Nashville Police Department. Rest in Peace Officer Eric Wayne Mumaw.

Albany Police Academy
Albany Police Department

February 26, 2017

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