Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Sheriff Steven Ziegler

St. Francois County Sheriff's Office, Missouri

End of Watch Sunday, September 30, 2001

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Reflections for Deputy Sheriff Steven Ziegler

Steve and I were in the Naval Reserve together talking about what was sure to be an upcoming recall/deployment and 2 weeks later...

Life is short, reach out to your friends, love your spouses, be kind to someone today.

Steve was a good friend and shipmate.

BT2 Robert Palleja

April 6, 2018

Driving down Missouri Hwy 67 ( my son's badge number) on way to C.O.P.S. Parent retreat and saw your sign designated as the Deputy Ziegler Memorial Highway. Had to look up your story. Thank you for your nine years of dedicated service.

G. Birkholz
Mother of Officer Craig Birkholz EOW 3/20/2011

October 26, 2017

Worked with this great man in the late 90's. Miss his jokes and his laugh, it was contagious.

Sgt William Martin
Bel-ridge Police Department

October 13, 2017

While I am far from home I was looking and reflecting on several of my friends that have left way too soon. Friend, High School rival, LEO Brother. Miss you!

Criminal Investigator Tommy Ferguson
USMC CID / Old Friend

January 12, 2017

ChaChi... we miss ya.. :)


June 6, 2013

Your memory and smile are as fresh in my mind today as they were 11 years ago. I love you and miss you dearly dad. Never forgotten.

Patrolman E.Ziegler DSN 211
Crystal City Police Department Missouri

December 16, 2012

Steve, I was just on here looking and reflecting all that has happened since you passed, and how I remember the last time we talked. I would visit your resting place occasionaly, and now more often. Last year at this time we lost my dad in an accident and he is resting close to you. Man I miss you guys. Just recently I seen your son, he looks just like you and he reminds me of you. He's a great officer you would be so proud buddy.

Patrolman Jerry Hicks Jr.
Leadwood Police Dept.

December 9, 2012

Today marks 10 years since you went home, only a day following the crash, the crash that left us all in shock.

I remember meeting up nearly every Saturday morning at McDonalds for breakfast with the day shift crew. However this morning the normal crew were either on calls for service, or like myself assisting night shift officer with a case. This left nobody to meet you at our normal day shift breakfast.

As I later learned no one else showed up, so you had grabbed your breakfast to go and was headed back to the office, when the unthinkable happened.

I know we can not change when it's our time, however I can't help but think "What If" the rest of us officers wasn't on calls, we would have been at breakfast with you at 08:01 AM.

Gone But Never Forgotten, Thank You Steve Ziegler for your service to our Country and our Community! May God Bless your family!

Boyd #329

Officer Dennis Boyd Badge #329
Herculaneum Police Department

September 30, 2011

Steve, I sit here at work watching the clock as the minutes tick closer to 8 am, 10 years to the day of your accident. I think about you everyday and what a great person and officer you had become. Even though you weren't officially my son-in-law anymore, I still held you in a place that was even closer than that, you were like my own son. Can still hear your voice and your funny laugh in my head and thru your son, Eric(sounds just like you). You would be proud of him, he's following in your footsteps now. You would be so proud of all 4 of your kids, Madison, Cole , Loren. Miss you, buddy, but I will expect you to be there to greet me when I reach heaven. Luv ya, Connie

st. francois county

September 29, 2011

1975- Our parents yelling from the other room "Turn That Down!" as we bounced around to "I, want to rock and roll all night..." My ears were ringing the next day.
1980- Our parents yelling from the other room "Turn that down!!" "I want my MTV..." Man, we were yelled at alot.
1982- We snuck out of the house at 2am. What a brite idea! A neighbor saw us climb to the window of a friends house and called the cops. They thought we were braking in. 6 police cars and a helicopter. Some how we made it home, scared but safe.
1983- New Years Eve. THAT was a party. I still remember the girl you set me up with, and my mom catching her and i in the bathroom together. You gave the lamest excuse for us being in there.
2001- Memories. . .

Love you and miss you cuz

Hey, when you see my brother, hug him for me.

Cousin Denny

May 12, 2011

Well Dad, the big day will be here in 46 days! (I'm counting down as most anxious brides do) I knew the day would come when I would have to face this a mile stone without you by my side. Although, there hasn't been a day you've not been on my mind, I believe June 11th will be the toughest yet. I know you would never approve of anyone to take my hand, I believe he would come the closest to winning your approval. I'm not nervous at all, I think mom is enough for the both of us! I know I'm making the right decision. The hardest part is letting go of the last name that reminds me of you every time I write it. I was writing invitations tonight and love how it says "Steven Ziegler and Linda Black request your presence to honor their daughters marriage." Acknowledging is knowing, so I act like nothing ever happened and pretend you'll be there. It's times like these when the loss of someone you love becomes so much more than loss, words can't discribe. So often I find myself day dreaming of you being here simple things like being able to call out "dad" stings pain through my heart. I miss you so much and wish more than anything you could walk me down the isle. I'm playing some songs you and mom played at your wedding and you even get your own song before I walk down the isle. Needless to say Ill be a wreck wishing you were there, but this Easter day reminds me God gave his son so we will get to walk hand in hand down the streets of heaven for eternity.

ps. Ill leave a ticket for you incase you want to come to my graduation from college May 7th.

Loren Ziegler

April 25, 2011



October 13, 2010

Steve it does not seem like it has been this long. I just wanted to stop in and tel you "happy fathers day". Kenny got his 100th feature win last year and you prolly had the best seat ever! You are missed everyday and i know my dad thinks about you alot

Jessica Bayless


June 20, 2009

I am sitting in my apartment in college but it still feels like I am 9. I rememeber everything about that day, I can still hear the phone ringing from the call.. You know everyone said time has a way of healing wounds but I think they ment ones on the outside because everyday gets harder. Words cant explain how much I miss you, though what I could rememeber is fading I still see you everytime I look in the mirror. I see your crooked smile, your brown eyes, and the same nose.. sometimes if I look really fast I see you in a crowd, makes me think maybe you really are on that hunting trip. Ill never forget the day of my 1st grade teddy bear pinic I forgot my lunch and you rushed me a hole cooler full; the day you talked to my class about D.A.R.E all the kids said I had the coolest dad and I did, I had the coolest dad in the entire world.


March 16, 2009

It has taken me this long to post on here for many reasons. I have visited this site numerous times. You are constantly on my mind. It has been 7 1/2 years since you left, and you are as much alive today as you were before the accident. You are the exception, the ones who are always remembered, and never forgotten. Anytime you bring the name ChaChi up, you'd be suprised at how many people's next response is, "that man was my best friend!". To live a life and touch so many others is truely remarkable. I've searched ever day for the last 7 years to find another person like you, someone who has the personality, smile, and sense of humor that you did. And the truth is, is that I can not find one person that is like you at all! You are truely 1 in a million. You lived the life that people make movies based on. You were true living hero. You have touched more lives than you could ever imagine. Sorry it took me so long to say these true words about you. Stay in my mind, my dreams, and my heart! Bye ChaChi


February 13, 2009

I often think about you and always wish you were here. The kids are all growing up so fast since you left. Holidays are not the same as when we used to stay up all night on Christmas eve playing nintendo, then get in trouble for it. I know you are enjoying the scenes of Heaven with loved ones gone and that someday we will meet again, in that land where there is no parting, no tears nor sorrow.I just wanted to let you know you will never be forgotten. You was like a son to me and your memory lives on. Our loss is heaven's gain.

Randy Black
Special Friend

January 15, 2009

Thinking of you and all of your loved ones today. There are no magic words to offer to help them with their grief except to take one day at a time and know that you are watching over them.
This short poem is for your son and all of your loved ones:

Those who we love and lose
Are no longer where they were before,
They are now wherever we are.

(Author Unknown)

Bob Gordon
Father of Chicago Officer: Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

September 30, 2008

D. S. Ziegler served proudly and was deeply loved and respected by those whoknew him. It is a tragedy to lose him. We never know when our lives on this earth will end, but we can make a reservation in Heaven now and assure us a place when God calls us to Himself. Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life (John 14:6) and He PAID the price for our sins on the Cross so we don't have to pay the penalty for our sins. Yipee! If we accept His payment by faith we can have salvation and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. It is not something we must earn, it is a gift. The most precious one we can ever receive. "For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith_and this not from yourselves, it is the GIFT of God_not by good deeds, so that no one can boast." Ephesians 2: 8,9. For without faith, it is impossible to please God. And our faith must be in God's only Son, Jesus Christ.
You were a credit to the uniform, D.S. Ziegler. My heart goes out to your
loved ones left behind and may the Lord comfort them as only He can do.
Lynn Kole
Bellingham, WA


September 30, 2008

To Deputy Steve Ziegler (ChaChi) and his loved ones:

Please know your memory is honored and revered today on the seventh anniversary of your tragic death.

This world, this country, your community truly are better placyes because of you. To have lost you is a great tragedy, an irreplaceable, immeasurable loss for society. We are grateful for and to you, and honor you for all you did for us day in and day out whether you received a word of thanks or praise. Rest in Peace, Deputy Ziegler.

This reflection is sent with the utmost respect for the distinquished service Steve gave to his community and the citizens of Missouri, and for the supreme sacrifice he and his family made on September 30, 2001.

Phyllis Loya, mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater, Pittsburg PD, eow 4/24/05


September 29, 2008

Eric - went through the academy with your dad. Though we did not know each other to begin with we became good friends in a time that was so much fun but also so much work. I will think of Steve each time I put on my badge.

a fellow officer

September 26, 2008

well dad...
Wouldn't you know, I'm sitting around listening to sad songs, and I find myself here again. Your memory is as fresh in my mind today as it was when I was 14, thinking to myself "what in the hell am I going to do now?" The answer is, is that I still don't know. I'll find myself sitting in your tree stand, and out of nowhere I'll think back to climbing kill me hill in Ste. Gen. and you looking back with that grin you had. Man this is hard to get thru. I really wish that you could be here. So much has changed since you passed. Everytime I would fail or succeed at something it wasn't the same without you there. When I would win a race, I just wanted to you to be there so bad. I know your here in spirit, but it's not the same. You were my biggest fan. Now more then anything I wish you could see lil' Steven Chase Ziegler. He looks just like you did when you were a baby, and just how Cole did too. Your a grandpa now, you old man. God I miss you. Well...I'll have to finish this some other time when I can see through the clouds in my eyes. Wait for me on the far banks of Jordan. I love you more than anything.

Eric Ziegler

April 12, 2008

You knew I was there. I know that because you were squeezing my hand while JoJo and the guys worked to get you out. I know you could hear me.

When you let go of my hand I knew we would never be in a pursuit together again. We would never ride motorcycles together. I was letting go of the best back-up I ever had.

I still have old dash video of us chasing a stolen truck. And recordings of us chasing that old Plymouth all over the place.

Stormy and his family helped me when I saw how they were all there for each other. I don't know what I would have done without Denise and Dennis to lean on.

Now I've realized I never patrol alone. I never ride my bike alone. And you are always there for back-up even when I don't see you. You are always with me.

When we meet again I will greet you with a firm hand shake. That way we can pick up right where we left off.



January 28, 2008

"The Badge"

He starts his shift each day
To respond to calls unknown.
He drives a marked patrol car.
A police officer he is known.

He's paid by the citizens' taxes
To make it safe on the streets.
But he usually has a second job
'Cause a waitress has his salary beat.

Now he doesn't know a holiday
'Cause he works all year round.
And when Thanksgiving and Christmas finally arrive
At his home he cannot be found.

He's cursed and assaulted often,
The one whos blood runs blue.
He seldom ever gets a thanks,
To some he's just a fool.

His friends are always other cops
'Cause people just don't understand
That underneath his badge and gun,
He's just another man.

He knows there might not be a tomorrow
In this world of drugs and crime.
And he gets so mad at the court system
'Cause the crooks don't get any time.

And each day when he leaves for work,
He prays to God above.
Please bring me home after my shift
So I can see the ones I love.

But tonight he stops a speeding car,
He's alone down this ole' highway.
It's just a little traffic infraction.
He does it everyday.

Well, he walks up to the driver's window,
And his badge is shining bright.
He asked the guy for a driver's license,
When a shot rang through the night.

Yes, the bullet hit its mark,
Striking the officer in the chest.
But the Department's budget didn't buy
Each officer a bullet-proof vest.

So he lay on the ground bleeding.
His blood wasn't blue - His blood was red.
And briefly he thought of his loved ones
'Cause in a moment the officer was dead.

In the news they told the story
Of how this officer had died.
And some who listened cared less,
But those who loved him cried.

Well, they buried him in uniform
With his badge pinned on his chest.
He even had his revolver,
He died doing his best.

Written By:
David L. Bell
Richland County Sheriff's Department
Columbia, South Carolina
Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved
and may not be duplicated without permission

Investigator David L Bell
Richland County Sheriff's Dept., Columbia, SC

December 10, 2007

It is so hard to believe you have been gone so long. We were just talking about you the other day. Dad, Eric, and I. Eric is a dad now! Hard to believe. He still looks back on his first arrest and thinks of you, "Ol' Chachi". We miss you buddy!

Marian Bennett

March 16, 2007

It has been 5 years since your end of watch and you have not been forgotten nor will that ever happen. You are a true hero and heroes never die. Continue to keep watch over your loved ones and those still out on patrol watching over the Thin Blue Line.

Bob Gordon, father of fallen officer
Michael P. Gordon, EOW: 8/8/04

Bob Gordon, Gold Star Father

September 28, 2006

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