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Sergeant Carlton Daniel Jenkins

Camden County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

End of Watch Monday, August 28, 2000

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Reflections for Sergeant Carlton Daniel Jenkins

Well Dan, I can't believe it's been almost 18 years since I've gotten to see you.. you were basically family to me. My second dad. You were always there for me when my dad was off to see. Your daughter and I were best friends and I remember so many times of being at your house and playing outside.. I was reading all these comments of you being on World's Wildest Police Videos and I had to go see it for myself. I cried so much just from hearing your voice. but let me tell you, it is nice to know that I can just watch it and hear your voice whenever needed.. I miss you so much. Thank you for everything you ever did for me and for the Camden County Police station . You will for ever be loved. ❤

Basically your niece,
Delaney Ripley

Delaney Ripley
Family friend

May 15, 2018

One of my best friends and neighbors when it happened

No rank and name,good friend of mine

May 4, 2018

I think of you all the time. I miss you. I remember you calling me or me calling you just to check in. I miss those calls. I wish I wish I could hear your voice again. I never deleted your number from my phone. I sometimes look at your contact info. Love you


February 14, 2018

Dan what a great friend you were. I still can't believe you are gone! You were always getting onto me for not wearing my body armor. Losing two law enforcement brothers in one life time is more than I can take. Law enforcement wasn't fun after this! I think GOD for knowing you.

Retired Al Cooper
Camden County Law Enforcement

November 2, 2016

Uncle Dan, I don't know a whole lot about you but I do know that you were a great man a loving son husband father and uncle and there's one specific memory I do actually remember of you when you were still walking this earth with us and that's when my mom your sister brought us up to see you and the family and I remember that we had an awesome time visiting you all you were fishing out in your front yard and we were all laughing and having a wonderful time.I was about 12 yrs old when you passed And when I found out that you were killed I it broke my heart that you were gone at such a young age and I just wish I could've had more time with you. I always talk about you to people telling them how brave you were and how proud I am to be your niece. I love you uncle Dan and I will always remember and miss you. Love always, your niece Charlatte


July 18, 2016

Dan I wrote you sometime ago , it never posted . GOD KNOWS how much I cry over missing my baby brother. They all called you superman and that you were. Your memory and voice burns in my mind . Your babygirl has grown up to be a beautiful lady , Jennifer still works for the police dept. I love you brother, and Joe doesn't love anyone since you God forgive him. Love your big sister carol

Carol Canon

July 18, 2016

Hello, I am from Las Vegas, NV and I had heard about this tragic event on World's Wildest Police Videos approximately 7 years ago and still sorrowful. I believe you are indeed a wonderful person, a beloving father+son+husband+brother who really made a difference for your children and the mother of your children as well. Something good will come out of this. For now, a pension, life insurance, a place for you to be for now and your current reunion with others close to you, are four gifts with more to follow, including a gradual future reunion with your family. I have an idea for a protection system method. If successful, it will also help protect your loved ones and more to follow. For you and your current+future loved ones. Along with millions of others throughout the nation of course. I am just letting you know, because for you, I understand what a gift it would be for you and your others.

Seen on television

October 30, 2015

Hello I'm from the UK and just seen the Officer Jenkins on my tv doing great at his job chasing down and stopping a car in a police chase, excellent work, at the end of the segment it said that officer Jenkins was tragically killed in the line of duty, so so sorry for your loss, what should of been something simple turned out not to be, this shouldn't be happening for close to no reason, again so sorry for your loss, R.I.P officer Jenkins

Seen on television

October 12, 2015

Sitting here thinking about you tonight, sure do miss you. I know Joe does too. We were driving home from St. Mary's the other night and Joe was telling Bre & I one of your famous police stories. The stories never get old. Joe loved riding with you. I wished my daughter had the opportunity to get to know you. You had a bigger than life personality and always fun to be around. See you later Dan, love you.


Lori Jenkins
Proud sister-in-law

August 28, 2015

I love to watch Wildest Police Videos. I just watched one of the series (Season 4 Episode 8) and was impressed by the steadfastness of the police officer who was chasing the suspect in the video. Even a flat tire didn't withhold him from chasing the suspect. My heart sank when I heard of his cruel death. He died protecting his country. I googled sgt. Dan Jenkins name and came upon this site. After reading the reflection of others, I now know he was a well respected man. We live in a world were the good people leave to soon...

From Suriname, South-America

April 20, 2015

Tonight I was looking for something to watch and threw on Wildest Police videos (My father is an OPP officer) when your story came on. After learning of what happened to you I had the urge to google your name and learn a bit more. I am thankful I did, from what I have read others had the utmost respect for you and you led by example in many areas of life. It makes me stop and reflect on my own life and how I can be a better person. Thank you very much for your service, you are still making an impact 15 years on.

From Ontario, Canada

April 19, 2015

Hello my friend,

I found myself thinking about you today. It's been almost 15 years and I still miss you very much. In some ways it seems like yesterday when you were here, and in others- a lifetime ago. I know your still looking out for me as well as your family and everyone else who were your friends. Joe and I still talk but not as often as we used to. I guess we've both gotten very busy in our lives and careers. He just had surgery but I haven't spoken to him since the day before..Lori said there were complications but all turned out well. I can't help but think all the success I've enjoyed is somehow due to you- Joe's too.

Life seems so much more complicated than back in the day. I miss all the good times and conversations we had.. I feel like everything is speeding up now and I find myself with somewhat of a lack of direction. I guess I'm still trying to figure out why I'm here- and what I'm supposed to do. Lately I've had a strange feeling I'll be seeing you again soon....but at the same time I don't think I've done whatever it is I'm supposed to do here. I guess that's not for me to know though...

Talk to you later Dan.


March 10, 2015

I was a Security Officer at the Camden County Kings Bay Naval Submarine Base when Officer Jenkins was a Kingsland PD officer. We had several meetings both work related and as a resident of Kingsland. He was always the most professional and true to his word. He was the one to stand behind the "To Serve and Protect" motto and he will be greatly missed.

MACS(SW) US Navy Ret. R.S. Jahnke
US Naval Submarine Base Kingsland Ga Security.

November 17, 2014

My friend, as always during this time of year, you are in my thoughts.

Many who knew you well often talk about you and the good times shared. Your memory lives on strong in the hearts of so many you touched. Please continue to watch over us that still hold the line in your absence. We love and miss you.

Chief David Gregory (former CCSO Capt.)
State Court of Glynn County Solicitor-General's Office

September 18, 2014

Officer Jenkins. I watched Your chace video today. I am truly saddened by that You are gone. We need more Officers like You.
Rest in Peace.

Vern Smart
Retired EMS

July 31, 2014

Mom gave me a picture a few days ago when we were little; you, Joe, Donna and I were in it. She said she wanted me to have it because you were holding me. I was about a year old. I remember you when I was a little girl. I always looked up to you. I wish I had more time with you, Dan. Your life was taken so young. I miss you brother.
I hope you are still watching over me.


June 18, 2014

I am happy to see a proper memorial presented at this mile marker for this brave officer. I am not the trucker that helped him, but... I stopped a month or so back to lift the fallen flag from the muck because, as a VET, I could not look on it every day as I passed. I guess it was only coincidence that shortly after, it was given a proper treatment and a day to commemorate his sacrifice.

But, I cannot tell you how proud I feel every day (twice) as I pass by it! Now that I know who it was for, and the circumstances, I am saddened and humbled. I feel for his family and friends.

Just, please... don't ever post a flag as a memorial and then let it fall onto the ground.... unattended.... again. As a "driver," I pass such "descansos" often along the highways of this great country. Crosses and flags.... they each tug at my heart. Little crosses for little children... larger ones for the parents. One set aside for the trucker who might also have died in the crash (and was probably blamed.)

But, THIS one made me stop. (Probably because I got another "run" at it.) But, mostly because it was not "proper." Please remember that a memorial is not JUST for the one lost... but, for others to see. What I saw (originally) was not right for Sgt. Jenkins OR for me.

But, that has all been rectified now. And I thank you. I assure you that I pay respect now everytime I pass by. I have SOME peace.... and I hope the family does, as well. God bless you.

Sgt. Jenkins was a true American hero. As are ALL who give their all for our protection.

Northbound FedEX driver

Sgt. Harris
USAF / truck driver

October 26, 2013

Dear Dan,
You were like a second father to me, I was around you and the kids my whole time growing up until they moved away. Your daughter Kalynn has grown up to be a beautiful version of you and Jeanie (:
You would be so proud of all of them. I was around through the best and the worst times and ill tell you what, they deff didn't have any idea of how they were going to go through life without you. But they have done a wonderful job to this day. My whole family went through a very depressed time after you past. Everyone did . Almost all of Camden. But I know you are sitting up in heaven watching over all of us being our Guardian angle. I'm pretty sure your watching me type this. I miss you so much Dan. Will be nice to see you one day . I love you to this day and will not/can not forget you.


Delaney Ripley
Family friend.-

October 15, 2013

We still carry on, but it is not the same without you my friend. Your memory is still strong in me and those that knew you well. I miss you deeply brother.

Sgt. David A. Gregory (Former CCSO Capt)
Glynn County Police Department, GA

September 22, 2013

I saw you on an episode on Cops last night at work. It was when u had the badge # before 1111, 1130 something, where u ended up calling 10-78 and rolled around on the ground with the guy to take him to jail for susp dl. Heard your voice and it reminded me of the last time I heard it, the morning b4 you left us. Still missing you and hoping you are looking down on all of us and smiling at the people we have become because you were in our lives one way or another! Miss ya

Cindi Ripley

June 6, 2013

I love an miss you so much uncle dan

justin canon

April 19, 2013

Another year....not forgotten. You memory still lives strong in me, as it always will.

Sgt. Gregory, David A.
Glynn County Police Department / Former Captain - Camden Co. S.O.

October 21, 2012

Hard to believe it has been 12 years. I know it sure has been hard to find a friend like you, especially someone that loved his job and his family the way you did. Miss all the get togethers we used to have with the family. All our kids are all grown up and great kids they are now. Also wanting to thank you for always looking out for us all, our Guardian Angel-Superman. Miss ya!


August 28, 2012

Uncle dan I knw we never had much time together but the times that we did have I hold very dear in my heart! When I lived in georgia and I would see you out in your uniform I would hold my head up and tell everyone thats my uncle! I miss you so very much and momma does too! I will never forget you uncle dan! Your my hero! I still cry when I think about and the same time im very proud of you! Love your neice Barbara


June 24, 2012

Uncle Dan,
The years have flown by...your memory is as strong as yesterday. I miss you so much more than I can express. Where you took your last breaths stands a cross and a flag......and the tears of all of us who have to go on. I don't ever see a officer and not think about you, I breath more shallow for them, I wish none of us ever knew the sacrifices you and others make for us. The love for you lives on and you will never fade away, I know we will see you again..I love you forever


June 24, 2012

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