Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Police Officer Wayne A. Leon

Cleveland Division of Police, Ohio

End of Watch Sunday, June 25, 2000

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Reflections for Police Officer Wayne A. Leon

Thank you for your courage and dedication brother Wayne, you are a true hero and will never be forgotten.

Son of G. Truman Wortham EOW 7/15/73

Assistant Chief Carl Wortham
Sand Springs Police Dept. Okla

February 26, 2004

Officer Leon,

I read the story of your untimely passing and it really got to me. I did not know you but from the reflections left by others, I can tell you were a fantastic person. I wanted to say "Thank You" for your sacrifice and all you gave up to help make this planet a better place for the rest of us. You are a true hero in every since of the word. I can only hope that when my time comes, I will have the pleasure and honor of meeting you in heavens above. Thank you Officer Leon and may God bless your family.

Detective T. Henshaw
Bell Gardens Police Department, CA.

February 10, 2004

I can still remember your funeral. I did not know you but, attended your funeral with another member of my department after we had both worked a double. It was the first one i have ever attended and has always stuck with me. I still remember driving down the road and seeing the community lining the streets, and the officers from all over. I was easy to see how much you were loved. My thoughts are still with you and your family. I graduate the academy in 2 months and you helped me realize how truly real this job is,and take my training alot more seriously. I wish this never would have happened to you but, I cant change things. Just know that you have given people that never even knew you strength and probabally alot more than you will ever even know.I know i will have angels watching over me, and you are being well taken care of. Thank you for the job you did. God bless your family.

Jill dispatcher/reserve officer
ohio, near youngstown

January 24, 2004

Rest in Peace & thank-you for all your hard work as a Peace officer. We slaute you for ever always.


December 4, 2003

Your Dad, I and others, went to your brother Jake's graduation from Boot Camp. It was unbelievable as we watched him march across that parade deck, walked with him throughout the base and listened, as for the first time, he was called "Marine." We could see the dedication and determination in his eyes....and we could see you as well. Your dad and I both knew you were there with us, not only in spirit, but within Jake. I can't explain it other than to say we knew you were there, we just knew. Jake has so much of you within him.
He is home for Thanksgiving now and goes back tomorrow to complete his training at the School of Infantry, Camp Lejeune.
They are being told that they may be shipping to where the fighting is shortly. Continue to watch over him Wayne...I know that you will, just like you always have...
We love you always!


November 28, 2003

Your little brother, Jake, graduates from Boot Camp in 5 days. He did it Wayne...he worked so hard and now he has earned the title of United States Marine. He has done so well. You'd be so proud of him...he qualified as "expert" at the rifle range...just like you. I know that you will be there with us when he marches across that parade deck. He carries you with him can see it in his eyes. You did good "Big Brother"... Your little brother is a Marine.


October 18, 2003


This has been a tough year. We miss you so much.
Tomorrow is you little brother's 16th birthday...
It is also Father's should be proud of Grace...she will forever keep you alive in Justin, Gabby and Nicky's hearts.
It is so sad because tomorrow should just be a happy day for everyone...Our days will never be the same without you.
We will go on...there will be birthdays and holidays and graduations....but they will not be what they should have been. We do carry you in our hearts and with that we find comfort. Time may ease the pain, but we will always feel the loss. We love you...



While I never had the pleasure of meeting you, I felt like I knew you from speaking with the officers who had the pleasure of knowing you and working with you. This last week saw the observance of Police Memorial Day, and the memorial service in Cleveland. The number of officers in attendance from all over the U.S., Canada, and Germany showed the kind of man, husband, father, and officer you were. My one hope is that you are resting in peace with our Saviour. Your love continues to live on in your wife and children.

Auxilliary Officer Patrick S. Cater
Euclid Police Department

Today they found your murderer guilty of Aggravated Murder of A Police Officer. Even though we find some comfort in this...we will never be able to truly feel good, because we are still without you. It has been a very long process and you would be proud of your family and friends, for all of their continued love and support. I know you knew how much your family loved you, but I wonder if you knew just how much you were loved by your fellow officers. These past few months have proven to us all that "Police Officers" truly are a "Family" in every sense of the word.

Wayne, you are loved so very much by us all and we will forever carry you in our hearts.
Wayne, we are so very, very proud of the man and the officer you had become and now, will forever be.


I had the honor of working an evening shift with Wayne and his partner. I was doing research and could think of no one that I would rather work with than Wayne. I remember everything about that day. I remember how proud I was that he had become a very, very fine officer. I remember thinking how, in my years on the department, I had worked with some fine men and women, but that Wayne was something very special. I felt this not just because he was my step-son, but because he had a genuine passion and compassion for the City of Cleveland and its people. I wonder if those who didn't know Wayne, but learned of his death, will ever truly know the wonderful human being he was...a loving husband, father, brother, son, friend and co-worker...It is so sad and wrong that there are so many people who will never be given the chance to meet and get to know Wayne. What a tremendous loss to us all. are forever in our thoughts and in our prayers

..We love you…

Terry Macias, #1333 Retired
Cleveland, Ohio, Police Department

Your little brother Jake left for the Marine Corps this week. It seems so hard to believe. You would have been proud of him Wayne. He was so strong standing there taking the Oath. I just knew that you were there with him. I remember the times you used to always carry him on your shoulders, you were and still are so very special to him. Please continue to carry him Wayne. Watch over him and keep him safe and please bring him home from everywhere he goes and all that he will see. He scored so high on his entrance exam, yet he chose the infantry. He wanted to go where he felt he could do the most....just like you with the CPD. Just like his big brother. I love you both.

“My Badge at Heart”

We band of Brothers and Sisters have fought so very hard
Protected our streets, our people, their homes
Protected the children, the aged and the tired
Protected each other, our brothers and our sisters
We prayed every night and every day since we swore to protect and uphold
God, let us return to those who too are so brave
Our mothers and fathers our brothers and sisters
God let me once again hold my wife, my sons and my daughters
Allow me to picnic with my family, celebrate a wedding, and sing happy birthday
God, please let me live to teach my sons to play catch and to watch my daughters dance
Please let me grow old with love, compassion, and strength
But most of all God, if you need me to lay down my life for another
Please, please tell my family, my loved ones, and my friends
I died not in vain, I sought no heroics
I died doing what I was proud to do
I died being who I was proud to be
I died, my badge at heart

Written in memory of Wayne A. Leon
Dedicated to all Blue Angels and their families


Three years today, we lost you. We wish we could tell you how much you live on in our memories. Your face, your laugh, your voice, your smile...everything. We see you everyday as we close our eyes and remember. It isn't any easier, the emptiness remains. The only comfort is in knowing that you no longer have to deal with hell. God got the best when he called roll that day and you were there. Smile in Heaven Wayne, and please know that we will always love you.

Terry and Jake Jr.

It has been nearly 3 years since you were taken from us. Still seems like yesterday...
Jake Jr. Graduated HS 6/08, I know that you would have been there...
He leaves for the Marines 7/28. Hard to believe. Still have all of the pictures of you and he when he was just a toddler.
As you and the other officers in God's heaven watch over those that continue to walk the beat...please watch over Jake as well...I know you will.


This is a big weekend for your family. Your oldest son, Justin, is making his First Communion, and your youngest brother. Jake, is going off to his senior prom. Through all of this, you are in the hearts and on the minds of us all. I can't begin to tell you what you mean to so many people. You will always be so very special. We love you and we miss you every minute of every day.


You made the ultimate sacrifice that we all fear and must face. Rest easy brother.

Police Officer
Denver Police Department

We miss you as much today as the day the world lost you. Your little brother Jake has enlisted in the Marine's and leaves for Parris Island this summer. I know you will watch over him Wayne, just as you did while you were here with us. Please keep him safe. I don't know how you would feel about him getting a tatoo, but he snuck out and got one. I was upset when he first told me...until I saw it. It is a crucifix with your initals WAL and your badge number 1338. We love you Wayne.


More than 2 years have gone by since I last spoke to you in roll call that morning. Not too many days go by that I don't think of you. I still think of what could have been had my situation that January been slightly different. I know how much you loved listening to AC/DC, especially "Whole lota Rosie". Every time I hear that song thoughts of you and that fateful day come rushing back like it was yesterday. Nobody will understand what those of us who were there felt that day, and will continue to feel for the rest of our lives. We all miss you dearly. We also know that heaven is a safer place with you there.


Cleveland Police

Today should be a celebration of your 34th birthday. Instead, we weep for the man who will forever be 32.
Not a day goes by that you are not thought of with cherished memories and love.
Your little brother recently finished his High School internship with the CPD. He wants to follow in your footsteps, Wayne, and even though I worry, I do understand, and I am proud of him for choosing you as a role model and wanting to become a "man" in the mold his brother made.
We love you and We miss you Wayne.
Terry and Jake


Wayne Leon was my friend. He reminded me of my oldest son. I knew from the first time i met him that we would have a special relationship. I believe he trusted my judgment and often sought my advice. He was physically strong and mentally prepared. He was a dedicated police officer who was true to his vocation. He loved his family more than himself. He was an artist who used his skills to make his children happy. He was a loving husband to his wife,who adored him. God wanted him to help guard his Kingdom. We need him to help guard ours. I think of him everyday. I miss him everyday. Heaven's a better place because he is there,our streets are less safe,our Community has one less hero.

robert beck,patrolman
cleveland police department

To The Leon Family:

Last year I was a cadet in the patrol academy and our class ran the in the Fallen Officers' Torch Run. Waynes' name was on my sleeve. Being from Cleveland and have many relatives past and present on CPD, I know Wayne and the four other fallen officer on my sleeve are always watching and protecting their brothers and sisters out there. God Bless Your Family.

137th Patrol Academy Class

Ohio State Highway Patrol

I am the son of a Cleveland Police officer and the death of Officer Wayne A.Leon hit very close to home.The reason for this is my dad worked with him and his father. From what i heard about officer Leon is that he was a great person to work with.The person who killed him was a coward any person who shoots an officer of the law is a coward in my eyes.Rest In Peace Officer Leon.


Officer Leon,

After joining the explorer program with the Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department, I had made a decision that I wanted to become a Police Officer. After only a year in the program, I had recieved the word of your passing. I felt horrible. Your passing made me realize that the same thing could happen to me. I attended your funeral with a fellow explorer. It was truly an experience that I hope will never leave me. I realized what an honor it is to be envolved in the law enforcement community. I hope that one day, I will be able to serve the citizens of Cuyahoga County the same way you served the citizens of Cleveland, with Pride and Honor. God Bless you always. I'll see you on the other side.

Sgt. Brandon M. Delly
Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department
Explorer Post 701

Sgt. Brandon M. Delly
Cuyahoga County Sheriff's Department Explorer Post 701

To the family of Officer/Hero Wayne A. Leon:

I am the son of retired Hamilton County (OHIO) Homicide Detective, Dennis R. Goebel. My father was a 28 year veteran of the Department. I always admired my father and what he did for a living. He put his life on the line everyday to make this world a better place. It takes a very special person to make that kind of sacrafice.

I, myself just applied to take the Cincinnati Police Department Written Exam in September 2001. I hope to someday soon follow in my father's footsteps. I only recently discovered this site. I have read numerous stories of Police Officer's killed in the line of duty on this site. Stories of courage, bravery, and selflessness. Each story I read on one hand saddens hy heart. While on the other, offers proof that there are still some brave souls in this world that give without taking, these few are the modern day Heros. The fact that they exist comforts me in this day and age. I came across Wayne's name earlier today, it seemed to stand out to me.

I never knew Wayne but I would like to say thank you to him and his family for the brave sacrifice he made for me and the other members of the Ohio community. He is in my eyes a true Hero. He died for what he believed in. He is a man to admire.

If I do one day have the honor of being a Police Officer I pray that the spirit of Wayne and the other Officers that have made the ultimate sacrifice may be by my side while on patrol.

Know that Wayne has not been forgotten by the community and that you his family are in our prayers.

John R. Goebel
Cincinnati, OH

John R. Goebel

A year ago today you were taken from us. It is still fresh in our memory, seeing you, not being able to help you. Life without you...the world without you is not the same. There is less laughter, less joy. You need to know that one year from the day you were taken...or 50 will always be missed with an infinite amount of love. I know that you are in heaven...I know that there must be such a place...there must be, because you were too good, to brave, too loving and caring to just stop existing. Any comfort we find, we find in knowing that you are watching over us all and that someday, we will be able to, again, look into your eyes, see your smile and touch your face...We love you Wayne...


Today is your birthday.
This is difficult for us all.
We miss you and we love you, Wayne...
God got the best when he got you...


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