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Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Deputy Kyle Wayne Dinkheller | Laurens County Sheriff's Office, Georgia Laurens County Sheriff's Office, Georgia


Kyle Wayne Dinkheller

Laurens County Sheriff's Office, Georgia

End of Watch: Monday, January 12, 1998
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Reflections for Deputy Kyle Wayne Dinkheller


I've known about the Officer Down Memorial Page for many years, but not until now have I felt compelled to leave a reflection. Today, as I scrolled through the many names..names of people I knew, my husband knew and those who I wish I had known, it made me sit back and think about how my husband could be one of those very people. As he goes to do the job he loves, his life is put on the line and I am forever in danger of losing the love of my life. For those like you, Kyle, who made the ultimate sacrifice and those who may have to face it one day, thank you for what you have done for us...thank you to all those who go out every day and every night to face the unknown for our protection. Friend, because of your sacrifice and the video which reflects it, many officers may live to come home to the families that love them. May God bless your precious family while you watch over them from above.

A Deputy's Wife
July 25, 2005

As I watch the video that you unwillingly left us, my mind screams for you to prevail. I wish I could have been there to help in some way. The lessons learned from your incident without question have saved many officers lives. Be proud of that!
Rest in peace brother.
And, THANK YOU for having such a big heart and for giving so many officers a the second chance at a life that you were robbed of.

Rockmart P.D.
July 17, 2005

I sit here after many years of seeing the video the day our brother in brown fell. As a Field Training Officer I remind my trainee of the video we have all seen and remind them that tomorrow is not promised. Rest well my brother, and to all who read this remember... The only thing neccisary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. Stay Safe, Stay Hard.

Deputy Sheriff S.J.Ogles
Bartow Co. SO
June 16, 2005

I saw the entire video of your shooting today in a training class. I cannot describe in this forum what I felt. I pray for you, your family, friends and fellow officers. Rest in peace, my brother.

June 8, 2005



May 27, 2005

Today I saw your video for the first time in training. Words cannot describe the emotions in the room as my co-workers and I watched the tragedy unfold. I pray that your family is able to take some comfort in knowing that you murderer will receive the justice that he deserves and that you fought to the end. Hopefully other officers will see your video and remember the lessons learned if ever their time comes.

US Park Ranger
National Park Service - Law Enforcement
May 25, 2005

hey brother, we have not forgotten about you as a matter of fact, you cross our minds daily. I hope your wife and kids are doing well and I hope you can watch and enjoy their growth from up there. god speed my brother

Deputy M. E. Lynn
Effingham County Sheriff's Office
May 24, 2005

I recently viewed Kyle's traffic stop in a training class. As the incident unfolded I thought of my own wife and son. I thought of Kyle's family and every other family who has Law Enforcement ties. I have 9 years on the street as a police officer. This has opened my eyes once again to the dangers we as police face daily. My first night on duty after the training class, I found myself approaching situations different thinking much more about officer safety. To Kyle's family my thoguhts are with you. Viewing this video will for ever change my out look on police work and the goal to make it home after each shift to my family. Kyle, you are now one of God's patrolman now watching over all of us. Thank you brother for your bravery. God bless your family.

Officer Ed Morris
Edgewood Police - KY
April 30, 2005

I have watched, on sever occasions, your in car video from that horrific day. I have watched many heart-wrenching videos, but I cry for you. I have always immagined what I would do if it came down to me protecting my own life by taking the life af another. I like to think that I wouldn't hesitate, but you have shown me that you'll never know until you're there.
Begining my training, I thought that I was tough an dcould take on anything, but watching you, I found myself suddenly unsure. However, Kyle, someday you will have helped me (as well as many other officers, I am sure). If it ever comes to m ylife or the life of a man threatining me, I will remember you.
Rest well, dear Kyle.

Rachael Vrbanac
Ohio University-Criminal Justice Student, Southern Ohio POlice Academy
April 18, 2005

I am 24 years old and I have been a police officer for almost three years. Recently, I started with another department in which I am going through another academy. The other day I, along with my classmates, sat and watched helplessly at the video.

This was the first time seeing the video and it made a huge impact in my life. Your sacrifice was not in vain and the killer will be punished rightly so in, and after this life.

We all talked about the fact that we would give up everything if we could have been there to change the direction of the events that happened. We all saw ourselves in your shoes that day, and prayed that it would never be us. However, it was you and know this; you will be remembered for your life and your family. If your family does view this in times to come, I pray for you and wish only the best in the rest of your life. You, too, are courageous for what you have endeared. You, too, are part of our family across the nation and the world. We still cry with you as the days pass. And for some reason, I try to picture how to tell your children how their young father passed away.

That night I could not forget the actions of the cold-blooded killer and how methodical he was. Scary, very scary, how calm and precise his actions were. I truly believe that many officers never would have thought that something like that could happen, but it did. And with this video, you have saved many officers' lives.

Also true to my heart is the following passage that is displayed many times on this site. However, I say it with pride knowing that you are up in heaven watching over us as we continue to fight for the good of mankind.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God."

Rest in peace my brother. You will never be forgotten.

Chris Farrell
April 15, 2005

I saw your video today in a criminal justice class. I know law enforcement is the field for me, but your video is a real gut check. I can't say anything that hasn't been said, but I hope you and your family know your death wasn't in vain. I can only hope if I am ever faced with the horrific situation you were I can be as brave as you were the whole way through. Your welcome to ride with me anytime, I could use the help. God speed.

KY Trooper Hopeful
April 9, 2005


I am in a police academy and today we watched your tape. I just wanted to say that you are a true hero and have saved and will save countless officer's lives. I will never forget the lessons learned from watching your video. Rest in peace my brother.

Jailer Jimmy Hill
McCulloch County Sheriff's Office
March 18, 2005

Hey Dink, Me and Skinner always talk about you, since we all went to Mandate together. We all watched the video, and couldnt believe our eyes and ears. It changed our lives forever, and we miss you Kyle. I still remember the question you asked in mandate about using a monkey while committing a burglary. We still laugh about that one.I hope your family is OK and we all know where you are, and we will 10-19 one day to see you.....

Bob Baumann
Putnam County Sheriff GA
March 17, 2005

I watched the video in a criminal justice class, iv wanted to be a police officer for so long, yet for that moment i wanted nothing to do with it. But after i kept asking "why". i felt so bad for this officer hearing the screems in the video. Yet, I can't wait to become a police officer, and i have will take something from this video, that no matter what, use your trainning to the end. this officer was young and lost his life so we may be safe, god bless him.

college student
March 15, 2005

Deputy Dinkheller,

For the second time in the last year, I sat in a training class and watched your in-car video. My heart sank and tears came to my eyes again as I saw this animal attack you. So many times we as fellow officers have been in that type of situation and somehow made it home, mostly because the suspect failed to carry out his plan. Your courtesy, professionalism and guts were apparent until the final seconds. May every officer I teach learn from that incident as you continue to teach others through instructors like me. Rest in peace my brother. And to your family, know that Kyle was and is a true hero in blue. Guard the streets of heaven with pride my friend.

Dan Chason, DT Instructor
Louisiana Office of State Parks
March 1, 2005

Rest in peace brother, you are a true hero.
"Blessed are the Peacemakers"

Patrolman Ivan Davis
Ashburn Police Department (Georgia)
February 22, 2005

Dear Kyle,
Words cannot express how deep my emotions of anger,revenge,and sorrow I felt for your life were on that faitful day. We all lost a brother that day,who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his community. You are a hero Kyle,to me and every LEO across the country. I send my deepest sympathies and prayers to your family and agency. Fallen but not forgotten.

Dave M. Higgins, TRT- Officer
Federal Gov, Seabrook, NH
February 20, 2005

Saw your dashcam vid way back when in the academy...your lesson has never left my mind, in all contacts with citizens I have. Thank you in advance for saving my life, brother.

Rest in peace now, sir, you're EOW. We'll take it from here.

Police Officer
Denver Metro Area
January 13, 2005

It is a credit to this Deputy that he maintained the lessons taught in his academy during this incident. What this incident should teach us is that the academy doesn't teach everything. Sometimes it is time to not be polite. Sometimes this job requires diciplined violence both for our safety and the safety of the public. When you have no choice, take them out first and go home to your family. May his killer rot in hell. The best way to honor this Deputy is for this type of incident to never happen again!

Houston PD
December 30, 2004

Yesterday a colleague of the Sheriff’s Dept made me aware of your video. I watched that video of your senseless death by a person, which has no respect for life. I woke this morning still hearing your screams and could only hoped that the end would have been different. Today I searched for your memorial page so I could respond. The death sentence is not enough for that person. Unfortunately your life sacrifice will save hundreds, thousands, and maybe more lives than that, and you will be thought of everyday, by all whom watched the video or knew you. I hope every law enforcement academy or class throughout the entire world makes this a training tool or makes it mandatory to watch. It’s very grateful that your grandfather and family allowed this video to be released, because it will truly save lives. Your are a true hero. My condolence goes out to your family and children. I know you will be watching out for them and all of us from above. God bless you and your family brother…

Officer Robert Smigiel
Kimberling City P D, Missoiuri
December 26, 2004

Rest in peace brother, you know it now as you watch over us all, that you and your sacrifice has saved countless law enforcement officers lives. Thank you for what you do up there........watch over us.

Ofc. Dale Cottongim
December 10, 2004

As I viewed your video, I became scared. Kyle, you have absolutely no idea how many Officers lives you have saved and will continue to save. I look up to people like you. You are a true hero

Sgt. Kyle McBride
St. Louis County Police Explorer
November 18, 2004

I am in the police academy in macon ga i saw your video and i was really hurt and angry at what i saw that was a very evil man you delt with that day i never knew you but i fell like we have been friends forever so rest easy and stay with us in our hearts and minds as we are on the streets.

November 8, 2004

During a CJ class at NGCSU, we saw your video today. I will never take officer safety for granted. This tragedy has trully opened my eyes of how thing can go wrong....fast. Your sacrafice has and will continue to save the lives of others. My sincere condolences to your family.

2LT Greg Sampson
Georgia State Defense Force
October 22, 2004

To the family,friends and co-workers of Dep.Dinkheller,we are so sorry for your tragic lose.As a field training officer I know that the video tape has saved other officer's lives.We all get a little relaxed at times and need to view this video tape often.To all officers(young and old),be careful and remember any traffic stop could be your last one.The Hell with these scumbags,let them complain but you just make sure you go home at the end of your shift!Kyle was so professional and polite during that traffic stop and the suspect was nothing more than a cold-blooded killer.Im sure IM speaking for all LEO's,we wish we were there to back you up!You are a Hero and just know that you are saving Lives every day.I would like to spend 5 minutes with your cowardly killer.I know he will burn in hell!Kyle, you will always be on patrol with us and to your family you left behind,the family of Law Enforcement Officer's will always be here for you.You will never be forgotten!

Cpl. David Hazlett
Berry Hill P.D./Nashville,Tn.
October 21, 2004


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