Family, Friends & Fellow Officers Remember...

Patrolman William Douglas Glover, Jr.

Ashtabula Police Department, Ohio

End of Watch Tuesday, November 18, 1997

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Reflections for Patrolman William Douglas Glover, Jr.

I remember in 4th grade when my friend Philip disappeared, would have never imagined that the reason was the loss of his father. The loss of a great police officer doesn't just affect the ones who know him, I lost a friend that day. Its great to read that your family is doing good and know that people from Rome still remember! RIP

Michael Beers
Friend of his son

August 5, 2018

Nephew (Willie)

I remember the day you told me how you disliked the name Billy. You were a teenager then, I believe 16-17 years of age. So I started calling you Willie and you liked it very much, but to everyone you will always be Billy. However, Nephew I believe it is time for you to go by your given name William. When you were growing up I knew you would become a very strong, proud man. Spending my time in the Air Force kept me away from family and friends, I wish I had gotten to known your family. I hope Marianne can forgive me for not being closer to the family. I know you are still taking care and watching over your lovely family, and I do hope someday your family and mine will meet. I am sorry to say that I found out what had happen to you in 2005, and ever since have been following what everyone wants, to have justices for you and your family.

As a young boy I gave you a brown cowboy hat that you fell in love with. Who knew you would grow up to be a real lawman? I am very proud of you Nephew and your family. I do believe your little lady is going to finish the job for you, and I hope to help her with it.

Uncle (Rick) Richard Hovi

May 21, 2018

NEVER FORGET! On behalf of the Westerville, Ohio Division of Police, we honor the dedicated service and ultimate sacrifice of Patrolman William Douglas Glover, Jr. of the Ashtabula Police Department, Ohio and the additional 61 American Peace Officers who have paid the ultimate sacrifice on this date in history.

Chief Joe Morbitzer
Westerville, Ohio Division of Police

November 18, 2017

Here we are now a grandfather to a beautiful baby boy. Your sons are doing amazing and Sean and Amanda are both getting married this year. I have been hired by our police department as an Auxiliary Police felt right and like it was time to not just give back but to continue the work you and Lou did/do as amazing officers. It feels amazing to put the uniform back on and I know you will be watching over me as I now patrol the streets too again. We miss you...especially when it comes to all these major life events, but know that this man you sent to us has been everything you would have expected him to be as my husband and dad to your children. Time hasn't healed the wounds....but they have made us stronger in our convictions as moral human beings and law enforcers. We still await the sentence of your murderer to be fulfilled...but I won't rest until he is executed. He robbed you and all of us so much. Our 28th anniversary is just a few days away and I just think of how proud you would be. I do hope heaven is all you dream it can be and that you continue to watch over all of us. Society is much different 19 years later. We miss you Billy, we love you and you're always in our hearts. Happy anniversary...I know it would have been an amazing day with you. God bless you always and know you are always missed and never forgotten....

Marianne (Glover) Waldman

January 17, 2017

I cannot fathom the fact its been 18 years since you were stolen away from us. Our children are all grown....and Philip has his own child on the way. Time has truly passed my dearest Billy, and I hope you are watching all from above. We miss you but knowing you are there to watch over all of us is something to keep close in my mind and heart. RIP my truly did earn it

Marianne, Philip, Sean & Amanda
Widow and Children

November 17, 2016

My husband and I were the first to see Officer Glover lying on the ground behind our garage. It was such a sad scene. Our best wishes to his wife and children.

Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor

November 20, 2015

I was in the Ashtabula hospital the night officer Glover was shot. He was one of my friends. My cousin who worked on the police force stopped in my room to tell me what had happened. I was in shock when I heard the news. He was a great man, he loved his job, he loved the people he helped and he loved his family.

I have dedicated my life in his honor helping anyone in need. Just like officer Glover, I run towards problems not away from them.

Private Officer Kevin Dondrea
Friend of Fallen Officer

August 20, 2014


I don't know you and you never knew me, but I saw this page and for some reason I can't describe why I decided to click on it. I saw your wife's reflection that she has been leaving every year updating you with what has been happening in the past year and I just felt so touch. You were a very lucky man to have a wife like her, and I wish you the best and rest in piece. God speed

Police Explorer~ Nick

December 3, 2013

It's that time for my yearly reflection...the one day a year that "vault" is opened and I feel the pain so strongly I can't describe it. 16 years later, your children are grown. Philip is now 26 and graduated from college. Sean is almost 23 and is working so hard as a security guard for a global company while also going to school. Amanda is 21, still in school, working as a security guard also and is planning to get married next year!!! Your first grand babies won't be far behind. I hope you are watching us. I pray that you watch over your children and help them so they don't struggle like we did. It hurts and isn't fair. Watch over Lou, the wonderful man you sent to me, as he draws near retirement and is so tired. Make sure he is always safe and comes home to us. And just know your are still in my always will be. I can't describe the feelings I have but I know that someday, I will see you again. Thats what keeps me going sometimes. I love you in peace my love.

Marianne (Glover) Waldman

November 17, 2013

15 years ago today, I lost the man I loved, the father of my children and an man who worked so hard to do so much good. It still hurts. It still aches. For some reason, it hurts even more this year Billy. Why? I don't know. But your presence is so missed. Your children miss you so much. Amanda is 20 now and realizing she can't remember you. Sean is almost 22 and he is determined to carry on your legacy as Officer Friendly. Philip is 25 and flourishing. I'm 43 now and feel so old...carry so many burdens on my shoulder...maybe it's because I just can't let go. I can't let go the past. I can't let go of you...I miss you. And while I thank you for sending Lou to me/us...he can't replace you.
I hope you are watching over us...RIP my Billy...until I see you again!!

Your loving wife

Marianne (Glover) Waldman
Widow of Ptl. William D. Glover, Jr

November 18, 2012

Gone, but not forgotten.

Sgt. T. J. Jones
Greater Cleveland Transit Police Department, Ohio

November 18, 2012

A correction to my earlier post. I meant the letter for Bill's Mother Kay who I have known for many years and who I greatly admire. But in the previous letter I meant to then address my thoughts to Bill's wife who I only met at the funeral. But I did not make myself clear I think. I am glad to hear Bill's widow has found a new life and the kids are doing well. Sorry for the mistaken thoughts in the previous letter, but I do remember Bill as a little boy who was at the Hovi home at 303 W. 58th street when I delivered the mail in the earlier years . Please forward my heartfelt thoughts to Bill's Mom will you.

Howard Harley
U.S.Postal Service ( Ret )

August 26, 2012

Kay, I just happened to Be searching an Ashtabula website and I came across
Bill's anniversary page and it is impossible to think it has been this many years. Every Time I drive thru the south end near W.58th st I fondly remember the sweet young lady that used to greet me with a hug and a smile at 303 W 58th. and
I still think of you each time I use the nail kit you gave me for a Xmas gift. And I can still remember your folks, great people and a pleasure to have known.
I am deeply sorry for your loss and I am glad to hear you and the kids have found a new life and
I wish all of you the very best in the future. Bill is still missed and remembered here in Bula and we are all irritated that the scumbag that took him is still living. No justice.!
Luv ya Kay

Harley, U.S.P.S. ( retired)

Howard Harley
U.S. post Office

August 20, 2012

Here we are again...another year, another anniversary...not one for celebrating tho. 14 years Billy...14. So much has changed in those 14 years and yet a part of me is still back there on Nov 18, 1997. It's like that part of me never moved forward without you. Part of me died that day too.

Mama died, and I truly hope you were there for her when she arrived. My health has not been the greatest, but I fight anyways....I can't leave yet I know! I have my husband that you sent to me to take care of and of course, our children.

Life has been so different without you. I so often think, where would we be today? What would our lives have been like? I miss you. We were two kids growing up together and despite all the bumps in the road on the way, we finally grew up...together. And we were happy! Then you were taken from us...why? We will never know. I just hope that God had a really good reason for calling you home so soon in all of our lives when we needed you!

Rest in peace my dearest Billy. There was and always will be only one you! And I'm glad you are mine!
I loved you then, I love you now, I'll love you always....
Your wife
Marianne (Glover) Waldman

Marianne (Glover) Waldman

November 18, 2011

I remember when you used to stop at my house when I was in the garage in Roaming Shores while you were working. I remember you telling me about getting hired by the City Police and I told you "Becareful brother, it's a different world up there". Then a few months later I was training a new deputy who stopped you going to get milk after work and the expression on your face because you didn't know him and had left your I.D. at home was priceless, all while I was watching from the passenger side of your car. I will never forget that day when you left us and how my heart ached for your little boys...One of the hardest things I have done was to make sure that your killer made it to the county jail from the city jail...Rest in peace brother...Gone but not forgotten.


October 29, 2011

Today, the 13th anniversary of your death, and still, it remains as fresh in my mind and heart as the this day 13 years ago. Our children are all grown adults now, with lives of their own. I'm 41 now, not the young girl I was when we first met 23 years ago. How I wish you were here to watch our children grow and move on in their lives. It's been a very long road I've traveled without you....but I hope I've done right by you and what you wanted for them in life. I miss you very much. I still have such an empty place in my heart where you once filled it. But, the angel you sent to me had kept me safe and happy and for that I thank you. We love love very very much...and miss you more than words can ever say. Rip my earned your place in heaven!!

Marianne (Glover) Waldman

November 19, 2010

Today, the 13th anniversary of your death, and still, it remains as fresh in my mind and heart as the this day 13 years ago. Our children are all grown adults now, with lives of their own. I'm 41 now, not the young girl I was when we first met 23 years ago. How I wish you were here to watch our children grow and move on in their lives. It's been a very long road I've traveled without you....but I hope I've done right by you and what you wanted for them in life. I miss you very much. I still have such an empty place in my heart where you once filled it. But, the angel you sent to me had kept me safe and happy and for that I thank you. We love love very very much...and miss you more than words can ever say. Rip my earned your place in heaven!!

Marianne (Glover) Waldman

November 19, 2010

Remembering you today and always ...


November 18, 2010

Well dad, its been 13 years, a very long 13 years. But I am all grown up and I miss you so greatly every day that passes, there's not a single day that passes I dont think about you daddy, I love you with all my heart. I still think everyday that I never got to tell you that I love you so much, and I am so greatful for ever thing you did for me growing up. I hope you are truly proud of me, I have not always walked along the straightest path, but I always end back on the straight path way. You are my biggest inspirtation, I'm in college, and after this year is done im switching to police foundations, I will become a police officer. I only hope I can live up to be even half the great cop that you were. I love you daddy, your always in my prayers and wishes, I hope your happy where ever you are and I can't wait to see you again one day..

I love you dad take care<3

Sean Glover
Son of William D Glover Jr

November 18, 2010

May god bless your soul you are a true hero and i always remember you as one of the brave that made the ultimate sacrifice.



April 1, 2010

It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years since that day. Rest assured you are not forgotten. You are still out there with us every shift.


November 19, 2009

Your heroism and service is honored today, the 12th anniversary of your death. Your memory lives and you continue to inspire. Thank you for your service. My cherished son Larry Lasater was a fellow police officer murdered in the line of duty on April 24, 2005 while serving as a Pittsburg, CA police officer.

I pray for solace for all those who love and miss you, and especially for your widow who remains steadfast in her devotion to you and carried you with her as she moved on in life.

Rest In Peace

Phyllis Loya
mother of fallen officer Larry Lasater

November 18, 2009

It has been eleven years since your final tour of duty. You have not been forgotten. Rest in Peace.


November 19, 2008

My dearest Billy....11 years ago today you were taken from doesnt hurt the same way it did actually hurts more. If you only knew what your death has done to me and your children...I die too again every year as your anniversary comes...I remember holding your hand, I remember the sound of your heart, I remember hearing you breath, I remember holding you, until it all stopped. That moment in time where it all stopped, and you left me.

I have lived on as you asked me to all those years ago. Your oldest is 21 and in college. Your middle one is almost 18 and getting ready to move out and begin his life. Your youngest only has one more year of high school. They're grown Billy....and they have had a mother and father who have loved them and raised them as you would have expected. Lou has been the husband and father you would have wanted for us. I can only hope we have made you as proud as you made us.

We love much...and miss you more than you will ever comprehend. Watch over us Billy...we still need you!

Marianne (Glover) Waldman

November 18, 2008

You may be gone but you are never forgotten.RIP.


November 16, 2008

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